Albania Tech - Europe’s ultimate secret, yet undiscovered.

What is about?

Access to information, tools, introduction to key players, and communities are critical to build a main scaffold of the entrepreneurship ecosystem throughout Albania.

AlbaniaTech, is a platform to inform about the Albanian Startup and Innovation Ecosystem, its actors and their offers as well as a place to share success stories and an overview of active startups. 

It will serve as an online place bringing together the Albania Startup community and consequently strengthening capacity for innovation among the innovation ecosystem actors and building linkages within the Albanian innovation ecosystem and internationally.

The platform intends to provide contribution to the policy making institutions, like Government, NGO programs, Universities, Angel Investors Associations etc supporting the Entrepreneurial Scene in the country and promote the Albanian scene in the eyes of foreign investors.   

Who is it for?

- People interested in entrepreneurship have a place where they can find relevant information, 

- Startups have a place to present their businesses and connect to other founders, 

- ISO-s have a place to present themselves and their offers and programs to startups and other interested people, 

- The government could use the platform to share information relevant for startups,

- Investors can learn more about the investment ecosystem in Albania and learn more about promising startups. 

- It is also a place to share success stories that might motivate people to consider becoming an entrepreneur. 

- By highlighting different cities in Albania, this platform will also serve to better connect different local ecosystems in Albania. 

In addition to the benefits on the local level, AlbaniaTech platform aims to serve as an entry point for international startups, investors, Accelerators and other relevant players to learn more about the ecosystem & its players and provides them with the information they need to better understand the Albanian market. 

It lowers the barriers of entry for international players which will, in the mid to long term, benefit the Albanian ecosystem through increased access to international actors and markets. 

How it works?

The platform is established in the form of a database of start-up companies, list of active entrepreneurs, their business traction, supportive programs institutions, mentorship / training / accelerating / incubation programs that operate at the national and/or regional level.

The content of the portal will aim to contain a whole picture of what is going on in the ecosystem of startups in Albania and support information & expertise between startups. 

The platform will also be able to support the launch of offline events and call for periodical, monthly / quarterly / annual events like meetups / workshops / conferences with various stakeholders in order to discuss topics related to the impact of the Platform on their activity.

The Founding Partners

In order to strengthen the cooperation of the stakeholders within Albania and to increase the visibility of the start-up ecosystem in comparison to other locations worldwide for entrepreneurs and investors, EU for Innovation has supported the  development of the online ecosystem Portal (OEP), which represents the start-up ecosystem in Albania comprehensively to the outside and leads to a greater cooperation between stakeholders.

The lack of such a platform used to make it not easy for people to get information about the ecosystem, different programs, activities and offers. At the same time it used to be challenging for internationals to get more information about the ecosystem and opportunities in Albania. 

Access to information has earlier been limited and people missed out on opportunities because they did not know about them or did not follow the respective actors on social media. 

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