Become a Partner

We Want You as our Partner, so we can Grow Together!

We are happy to find support among the ecosystem so that we could make AlbaniaTech an ecosystem-driven platform.

This platform has an important role for the community and for Albania as well since it helps in portraying the country as a Startup Nation in the Making! This is not just a slogan but it holds in it the story of the development of a nascent startup ecosystem in a country with a communist past regime.

A lot of things are going on through an energetic and vital youth in Albania and our aim as a platform is to reflect the positive steps, the new founder stories, and the next role models of success.

If you think alike and comply with our community values of AlbaniaTech, we would love to have your support in a variety of forms:

  •         Be it providing important content on the website,
  •         or through volunteering to help us in our events
  •         or if you have the desire to collaborate on new initiatives

We are working on partnership packages and the ways that we can work together and the benefits of each partnership tier.

We are here to make AlbaniaTech together!

Send us an email here or contact Gerti Boshnjaku directly via: [email protected].