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Albania ClimAccelerator 2024 Call for start-ups

January 31 - February 16

1. What is the Albania ClimAccelerator?

The Albania ClimAccelerator is set to be an example of innovation. poised to ignite transformative change in Albania’s entrepreneurial landscape. This dynamic program, implemented by the seasonec partnership of Koestinger Tace & Partners and Balance Centre, aims to invigorate the country’s start- up ecosystem.

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is the invaluable support from EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s leading climate innovation agency and community. This partnership ensures that the Albania ClimAccelerator is armed with the knowledge, resources, and network needed to create impactful change.

We invite emerging start-ups, innovators, and visionaries who are dedicated to tackling climate issues head-on to participate in this extraordinary journey. With the guidance and support of seasoned mentors and a network of like-minded peers, you will have the opportunity to refine your potential high climate-impact business ideas and harness the transformative potential of your climate-focused ventures.

Together, let’s pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. The Albania ClimAccelerator is your launchpad to create lasting impact in the realms of decarbonization, energy efficiency, circular economy, and resource efficiency. Join us in building a world where innovation and sustainability converge for the benefit of all.

2. What are the topics this accelerator is focused on?

The Albania ClimAccelerator is a pioneering initiative with a focus on four key pillars of sustainability:
Decarbonization, energy efficienc, circular economy, and resource efficienc. By centering our effort: on these vital themes, the accelerator is built to drive transformative change in Albania’s approach tc climate action and sustainability. Through a combination of innovative approaches, mentorship, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, we empower startups to make a significant impact on these main topics:

Topic 1: Decarbonisation

Decarbonization is the process of reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from various sources, particularly in the context of mitigating climate change. It involves transitioning from energy and industrial systems that rely on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, to cleaner and more sustainable alternatives.

Decarbonization is a crucial strategy for mitigating climate change and limiting global warming, as it directly addresses the primary driver of climate change: greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2 By reducing or eliminating carbon emissions, decarbonization aims to create a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

Topic 2: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to the practice of using less energy to accomplish the same or better tasks, such as lighting a room, heating water, or operating industrial processes. It involves optimizing energy use while maintaining or improving the performance of various systems and devices.

Energy efficiency not only reduces energy costs and consumption but also has significant environmental benefits. It helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, decreases reliance on fossil fuels, and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future. By using energy more wisely and efficiently, we can reduce our impact on the environment and address pressing IssUes le clmate change

Topic 3: Circular Economy

Circularity, in the context of sustainability and resource management, reters to an economic an industrial system designed to minimize waste, extend the lifespan of products and materials, and promote the continual reuse, reccling, and regeneration of resources. The circular economi contrasts with the traditional linear economy, which is based on a “take-make-dispose” model.

Circularity aims to reduce environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and mitigate the negative consequences of a linear economy, such as waste generation, resource depletion, anc pollution. By promoting the principles of circularity, we can create a more sustainable and regenerative economic model that benefits both the environment and society.

Topic 4: Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency is a concept that emphasizes the optimal use of resources to maximize their value and minimize waste. It involves using resources such as materials, energv, and water in a more sustainable and responsible manner, thereby reducing environmental impact and increasing economic efficiency.

Resource efficiency is a fundamental principle in sustainability and environmental conservation, as it helps address issues like resource depletion, pollution, and climate change. By optimizing resource use and minimizing waste, resource efficiency contributes to a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

3. What are we looking for?

If your start-up operates or offers solutions in any of the areas mentioned above and meets the following criteria, this accelerator program is tailored for you!

Start-ups must offer a scalable solution

Start-ups must have a TRL (technology readiness level) of 5-6

Your company must be incorporated (or in the legal process of incorporation) before entering the programme

Incorporated less than 5 years ago

Operates in Albania

A dedicated team of minimum 2 people

4. What to expect?

As participation from competitive start-ups is expected, this program will be mainly customized to meet the needs of startups. These in-kind services include:

Training sessions with European speakers in business and sustainability.

Online and offline workshops, innovation labs, mentoring sessions, learning journeys, pitching and roasting sessions. The accelerator program is based on 6 Labs:

Masterclass 1 | DISCOVER. Problem-Solution-Fit; Is there a need for my product/service?
Masterclass 2 | VALIDATE. Product-Market-Fit; Am I building something people want and are willing to pay for?
Webinar 3 | IMPACT. Focus on Impact-how to build businesses for the economy of the future that do good (impact) and do well (profit) – focus on the SDG. Webinars on Climate impact assessment and Climate Safe tool by EIT – Climate KIC.
Masterclass 4 | BUILD. Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product/Service); Build your idea – make it visible and understandable!
Masterclass 5 | SHINE. Pitch training to shine! It’s showtime! Learn and rehearse how to feel confident and present proudly your business idea
Demo Day – a final event where startup teams, mentors and other relevant stakeholders meet, and where the final pitches from the startups will be presented.

Access to different ecosystems in Albania and a European network of investors.
Access to the EIT Climate-KIC ecosystem to boost your start-up.*
Access to EIT Climate-KIC financial sustainabilitv tool: Climate SAFE.*
Visibility, marketing, and communication.

5 Critrtia & Jury

6 Where to send my application?

The application form is available here. Within this application form, you will be requested to complete several fields regarding your startup. Additionally, an updated deck is required. It is highly recommended to include a 1-minute motivational video (via a hidden option on Youtube).

7 Tentative timeline

8 Maximum number of selected startups expected

Based on the previous eligibility and criteria requirements, the top 15 rated startups will be selected to join the Albania ClimAccelerator. However, there exists the chance to increase from 1 to 2 more available spots for this cohort if the jury members decide according to the quality and potential of the startups pre-selected.

9. Climate-SAFE tool

The Climate-SAFE has been designed as a founder-friendly, and efficient means for Climate- KIC to invest in Europe’s most exciting Climate-tech companies. The Climate-SAFE is a simple agreement for future equitv – a convertible investment.

The key terms of the Climate-SAFE are:

– €50,000 value
– 24 month long-stop date
– No valuation cap – we don’t want to limit the valuation of any future funding rounds!
– 20% discount rate
– No most-favoured nation clause

The Climate-SAFE is structured as a cash + services investment and grants access to the following package of support:

– Carbon Impact Forecasting, Modelling and Validation

-Access to ClimateHIVE communit
-Fundraising support & connections to Climate-KIC investor network
-Commercialisation Opportunities
-EU Policy & Affairs support
-A dedicated portfolio manager

This tool is optional. No mandatory request to join this agreement needed for this call. If you have any questions about this please contact the Climate-KIC Investment team on [email protected]

10. Contact

In case you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the program’s managers:

Asetila Koestinger: [email protected]
Jetona Myteveli: [email protected]