Baboon: The most required home-delivery platform in Albania.

Baboon Delivery Platform transfers orders from restaurants and shops to customers all over Albania.


Baboon Delivery Platform was founded in December 2015 and started operating in March 2016. Baboon services consist of transferring orders from restaurants to customers and covers Tirana, Durrës, Korça, Vlora with around 300 restaurants, and flower, presents, toy, and liquor shops. Its platform has had about 200 K downloads and about 80 K customers who have ordered at least once. The full range of services is done by different vehicles such as bikes, motorbikes, and cars. To provide qualitative service and outstanding user experience UX, Baboon developed a platform with advanced features that competitors could not be able to provide. Specifically, their database and apps are well-structured and capable for data analysis, in-app push notification, marketing features (discounts, happy hours, promotional articles, etc), interconnection with advanced marketing tools such as Clever Tap, etc. 

What was the challenge?

A few of the problems they encountered before entering the market were: re-marketing based on customers’ segmentation, interests, availability of restaurants and drivers, the flux of orders during the day, marketing boost for a specific point of sales, and customer profile. For such tasks, Baboon needed to buy expertise in AI algorithms, data analysis, and segmentation experts as well as high-level programmers, especially for Java. They noticed as well, their need for high-level expertise in transport problems and an inability to integrate credit card payment in Baboon App/Web without adequate and legal certifications.

What is the solution?

After being in red figures for 5 years, they turned profitable in 2021 and predicted to positively finish the current year. Presently, Baboon is taking care of expanding its service in B2B and quick-commerce, based as always in an in-house developed platform.

Their solution was the enhancement of Baboon Platform to the level of similar international delivery platforms, specifically addressing missing features that could not be developed with resources available in Albania, namely: Re-marketing based on AI and data analysis, optimization of delivery with the prediction on routing, customers priority, availability of recourses, card payment security certification PCI for in-app card payments, personal data protection procedures and certification ISO.