BEA Marketing & Promotion: Bringing innovation in print



Lida Sinani, Founder of BEA Marketing and Promotions: "The starting point was the desire for design, but along the way I discovered my management skills. My experiences in marketing and events’ agencies, of great importance in Albania, have led me to take the initiative of running BEA Marketing & Promotion for a few years to date. Work for me has always been a nice continuous challenge. I never stopped giving it love, but I have increased the stake for my achievements."

Bea Promotion started in 2012 with promotional materials, then adding design services, printing, advertising, promotional campaigns, corporate events.

BEA offers: 

Creative and Design (logo creation, brandbook, guideline, logo application in products, design for flyers, brochures, stationary, complete indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns) 

Social Media Management (template design, content, calendar and posts) 

Promotional materials (office products, accompanying products for various product launch campaigns, events, etc., adapted to the occasion in question, Uniforms, etc.)

Advertising (Banners, Adhesive, Billboards, City Light, Wall banners, Promostand, Car Branding , Facade branding, 3D Logo etc)

Print (Business Cards, Envelopes and all the stationary products package, Calendar, Agenda, Brochure, Flyers, Annual Reports, Paper files, paper bags etc) 

Marketing Campaign (Communication strategy for a certain campaign, based on what is launched, promoted, starting with template design, slogans, distribution mechanisms, media advertising, media planning, outdoor and indoor branding, guerillas, sponsorship proposals in the most recent activities on site, advice on how to do digital marketing, etc.)

BTL Activities (can be part of a real campaign for a client/product, or only BTL activities with promoters, hostesses, always trained in connection with what they will present to the specific target group.)

Coorporative Events (idea for the right hall, template design, concept and development, slogan, ideas and management of artists, moderators, furniture, decor, branding, photography, video, phone, lighting, stage, catering, hostess, and every necessary detail).

Their strong point or innovation is the fact that clients find in BEA both the idea and the realization. The fact that they are both an agency and a production gives them security, both for the company and for the partners who trust BEA for marketing services. It is convenient to receive package services, and to have confidence in the correctness and quality of a colleague.

In addition to the services mentioned above, the company is recently implementing a project that they have been working on for some time. A studio for recording and making TVC spots as an 'in house service'. For this service, they have created another environment, a studio completed with every technical and artistic detail, where voice overs, radio spots, podcasts, make online or TV spots, with field shooting and professional editing according to clients’ requests can be recorded. In this new space, there is also created a photo studio, with several corners suitable for product photography, magazine covers, or different professional groups, such as institutions, corporations, which need photos from time to time for web use or personal brand, PR, etc.

In this industry there are many ups and downs, there is a lot of competition - however the company does not believe there is a company that offers a service like theirs, as it always depends on the way, the moment, the approach that it offers.

"Personally, I have been colleagues with most of my competitors in the past, and we constantly exchange ideas with each other, exchange experiences and compliment each other for every achievement.", says Lida.

The way they have built the business, apart from investing in the main asset which is the staff, there is also a constant need to update the technology in the machinery - in the production office. There are a lot of costs, but with a well-designed plan, they manage to make 2-3 new investments every year, after analyzing what they need most based on what is most requested.

It was the year 2020 when it seemed as if the foundations were shaken, but the diversity of services gave the company strength to work on their weaknesses. Managing to bend precisely and adapt to the moment, from the technological side and from the human resources side, has been their strength. Work is structured based on the respective seasons, such as summer for promotional campaigns, the end of the year with events and corporate gifts, the beginning of the year with spring projects with institutions and foundations. Projecting the year is somewhat of a protection, but still nothing is certain.... regardless of investment in all forms.

- "We just try to do our best, with maximum commitment.", says Lida.

Let's talk a little about the love and harmony that BEA has created, the spirit that is conveyed between its members and clients and colleagues, of all ages. Almost 80% of the time is spent at work, at least in their field. Why not spend it happily, without pressure, without fear, without bad tendencies?

- "This is what I thought and tried to share with everyone who has stepped in Bea's footsteps. To assist in every link, to be responsible for every task, to support each other as this work is a chain, to be proud and to love every project that comes our way, to do the best possible. The professional growth of each employee is very important to us, as from there we  understand how well he is feeling among us, and how much he has understood what he represents, his responsibility and professionalism. We have not spared the investment for training the company members according to the needs in the respective departments.

After so many years, I can say that every professional investment is returned, I have never regretted the long hours at work, the endless trainings, the experiences inside and outside the companies where I have been present, the projects where I have been involved spiritually and professionally, 360 degrees. Today I am in the phase where I am using every knowledge I have received, and I feel grateful for every lesson along the way. I am at peace with myself for any personal sacrifice, as I see that a road is being built with a clear vision and a growth strategy with secured steps.

I would advise every young person not to skimp on knowledge, to create experience. Don't ask the first question how much I am going to make, but how much I am going to learn, how much I will grow, doing the job. Investment in knowledge is fundamental to achieve success!", explains Lida Sinani, Founder and Managing Director @ Bea Marketing & Promotion.