Kallz: The complete center for after-school development, education, and care.

Kallz is devoted to helping parents with educating and entertaining their kids even outside of the school/kindergarten hours.


Kallz is an enterprise created by a mother in career. It was initially founded with the aim of helping parents and children in managing time productively. Now, they also operate online with an education platform, expanding their reach to teachers who would like to offer their services online as well as children outside of the borders. 

The main goal is the achievement of proper, valuable education arms to arms with socialization and soft skill development. The physical center has been operating for five years now in terms of after-school, schoolwork support, and various build-up activities. Their online education platform is meant for children to safely interact and study, exchanging information alongside cultures. 

Up until now, their goals have been met on the physical aspect. However, their online enterprise is yet on its test run phasis and despite the technical difficulties, the feedback from test-users has been splendid. 

Kallz is doing this for Albanian children in and outside of Albania, with the strong wish of bringing them closer together into a safe, fun, and educative environment. 

What was the challenge?

The pandemic shed light on new needs and problems and of course, possible solutions. In this light, the lockdown showed the importance of education and child-safe interactivity online. 

Driven by the success it has achieved so far, Kallz’s team strongly believes the online education platform will only enhance it. What pushed them to start working on the idea was the proven need for it and the experience obtained in the last five years in this area. 

What is the solution?

Currently, Kallz’s activities consist of childcare, afterschool programs, foreign language courses, and recently enrolled extracurricular clubs; arts & crafts, cooking, book club, movie night, pet day. 

Working under the pressure of Covid-19 restrictions had its downs for sure, however, the dedication of the staff, constant anti-covid measures, and hard work concluded in success. Considering the widespread fear and insecurities in public, they had to ensure their current and potential clients of the safety and value that the center could provide for their kids.

During the last five years, more than 470 kids aged 6-12 became a part of Kallz Summer Camp. While, if we take into consideration all of the kids that have participated in all their courses, afterschool, and outdoor activities, they can count more than 2300 little friends. 

Considering the toll their idea has taken up until now, their main problem lays within staff resources, need of further up to date training and marketing. 

Kallz is seen as much more than just a center, the team tends to inspire through educating and it is in such terms that they have developed a media dedicated to children and parenting solely.