Legit, the digitalization of legal issues


Legit is a digital legal platform. Legit aims to make legal services available and accessible to everyone in a transparent, affordable and efficient digital way, so that compliance does not become a headache for entrepreneurs and creators.

Legit provides such go-to legal solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers by allowing them to tailor and download legal documents, find legal professionals who support them and also get information on different legal matters. We also support local lawyers to find jobs and clients through our platform.

What was the challenge?

After having practiced for a few years as a business solicitor in Albania, Kristiana - the founder of Legit noticed a pressing need for making legal services more accessible and modernized for business clients. Most Albanian entrepreneurs do not receive legal advice during their activity for a plethora of reasons - lack of culture, access, finances - until they find themselves in complex and prolonged disputes with other parties or governmental bodies. If these entrepreneurs are to be provided legal solutions in an efficient digital manner, which is affordable and easy to understand, they can save themselves a lot of time, money and energy which is better used in growing their businesses. 

The same logic applies for lawyers, who are skilled at providing services but have difficulties to have exposure and access to clients. 

Therefore, Legit was conceptualized to breach the problems on both sides of the aisle. 

In the beginning, Kristiana founded Legit as a solopreneur - she created the website, social media presence and content, and initial free services. Now Legit has a team of five members, multiple mentors and advisors, and freelance service providers have been engaged to build and grow the platform to the next level. They aim to invite investment upon launching our MVP in order to extend our team and services in Albanian and Kosovo- for starters.

What is the solution that you provide?

Currently Legit is under development. Our initial free support for our audience so far has been the legal blog and publication of employment, educational, incubation or acceleration opportunities for lawyers and for start-ups. 

In the next month, we will be launching our marketplace which will predominantly sell legal textbooks and legislation books as a means to facilitate the education and work of both lawyers and law students. These are however additional services to the platform which in itself provides legal services through generation of legal documents.

In the first quarter of 2022 we hope to have launched our first version of the platform that will offer users the possibility to tailor, download and sign legal electronic documents, in addition to the possibility to find lawyers through a bidding system on the platform.

Legit is being recognized as an innovative solution in the Albanian and Kosovan legal industry, and we are working and daily educating our audience for what is to come next.

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