The first local company to offer professional services equivalent to international competitors

With Hermex you can create your store with one click only with your email and store name.


The first local company to offer professional services equivalent to international competitors

Hermex is a SaaS e-commerce platform that helps businesses create their online stores with one click. It hosts online stores, offers several payment processors, and many features to help businesses sell online. 

Hermex has a similar business model with its international competitors, but it is the first local company that offers the same professional services as these global companies do. Additionally, offers competitive monthly subscription fees, no transaction fees, custom features and design on demand, a one-month free trial, and support to scale your business. They believe that businesses in Albania have a lot of potentials to compete in global markets and their mission is to help them towards online growth. 

What was the challenge?

Hermex was born during the pandemic. A lot of businesses had to switch from bricks to clicks to survive the crises. 

Hermex offered to help these businesses build their e-commerce websites so they could sell their services and products online. The request was urgent, and they did not have anything built up, but with willpower and work passion, they created this helpful tool that will make businesses lives easier, without any technical skills required and in the Albanian language.

They engaged a small, incredibly talented team, releasing the first live version in August. 

Pandemic shifted worldwide e-commerce by five years. The trend is clear, we know that the future is e-commerce, and retail habits have changed once and for always. 

Albanian people still need to gain experience as online buyers and sellers, to take advantage of the opportunities available on online markets and of course, this requires a cultural transition. 

What is the solution?

Hermex can be used to create different kinds of stores, including Apparel & Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Make-up, Pharmacy, Books, Artisanal products, etc.

Lately, Hermex supports selling digital products and services.

You can create your store with one click only with your email and store name. 

After that, you can immediately access it through the subdomain. You can easily configure the custom domain to access the online store.

Hermex supports secure payments via Raiffeisen Bank, Stripe, and Paypal. 

The dashboard allows you to manage the order process, personalize your store, add products, manage stock, create promo codes/offers, create a blog, send email notifications, recover abandoned carts, etc. It is intuitive and helps you complete the above tasks quite easily, without requesting special skills to configure the store.

Having a responsive design, Hermex helps customers use all types of devices such as phones, tablets, desktops to easily navigate and buy products or services. 

Hermex is expanding the variety of websites, in addition to the e-commerce websites. Every company and business needs an online representation.

Team and Technical info

They are a team of five now, mainly with technical background, focused on developing new features and improving the platform to fulfill client’s requests as needed. 

Hermex is backed up by high qualified engineers ensuring the best quality. Kreshnik Balani, one of the co-founders is certified by Amazon as AWS Solution Architect.

Regarding technical perspective, Hermex software is built using best practices and design patterns, making the code simple, understandable, testable, maintainable, and extensible.

Build from the ground with modularity in mind, it can be easily extended to adapt to market changes.

Using AWS as a hosting provider, Hermex is highly scalable to support thousands of users without compromising performance and security.

The present and the future

It has not been a smooth journey. They are still learning a lot about marketing, sales, finances, and everything to run our startup. Especially, to not give up on challenges. 

During this journey, Hermex was part of Uplift Albania Accelerator, made it to the finals, and got the second prize. 

In November, Hermex got selected to be part of Regional Elevator Lab Bootcamp Albania and Kosovo 2020 and was chosen as one of the three winning teams.

Their clients are very satisfied and growing their sales day by day. To expand the platform everywhere, lately, they are partnering with a company in the US.

Their main goal is to reach 100 satisfied clients worldwide by the end of the year, helping them grow their online sales and presence.