WFNA: The community that brings together Women Founders

Ecosystem Builder

Women Founders Network Albania is a women-led community that brings together successful women entrepreneurs and aspiring founders.

Women Founders Network Albania runs a series of events such as monthly breakfasts, workshops, talking opportunities, mentoring, and curated events for industries that are looking for women-only gatherings. WFNA  designs programs for entrepreneurship initiatives that target women founders. WFNA runs 2 programs currently:

a) First accelerator for Women Founders in Albania. The First Edition of the accelerator was supported by EU4Innovation.

b) The regional Investment Readiness Program for women-led startups from Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

What was the challenge?

Through conversations with women founders, we found out that they were lacking a safe space, where like-minded women entrepreneurs got together and exchanged, supported, and cheered on each other, thus, a community that helped them grow. Moreover, it is proven that women entrepreneurs who belong to founder communities perform up to 40% better in business.

What is the solution that you provide?

We work daily with a large base of collaborators and partners to design and deliver the best services for women entrepreneurs. Collaboration is core to our activity. 

After identifying the needs of the founders we then design the activities and bring in the experts, local or international, who address these needs.

A lot of activities also are carried out by joint efforts from the community itself. 

For established women entrepreneurs and aspiring founders who dream of having their own business one day, but just don’t know where to begin. Our support to the women founders community numbers 200 entrepreneurs that have received support from our mentoring program, workshops, and programs.