A dedicated platform for Albanian diaspora professionals is live!

Platform for Diaspora professionals


GERMIN launches the BETA version of the digital platform of the Program for the Engagement of Diaspora Professionals (EDP). This program aims to support the engagement of professionals from the diaspora in their countries of origin, with the aim of transferring knowledge and skills to public institutions, civil society organizations and businesses. The program currently supports short-term engagement, ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months.

The platform enables the connection between two parties, diaspora professionals willing to contribute in Kosova & Albania, and entities that want to engage diaspora professionals from the countries of origin. The platform enables the automatic matching of profiles of professionals from the diaspora with the needs of the potential local host entities in the positions announced in it.

                                                                                              REGISTER NOW 

Local entities that want to engage diaspora professionals are encouraged to register and publish their announcements for the profiles they need.

The platform also aims to register diaspora and local businesses, with the aim of connecting and networking between them. The same procedure of registration is applicable to them.

The platform protects the data of registered users according to the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We welcome your comments and suggestions so that this platform can be advanced in the service of strengthening the connection between the diaspora and the home countries.

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