A solo woman traveler experience in Albania, featuring Sabina Rehusova

Sabina Rehusova Woman Traveler


Sabina Rehusova is a Slovakian woman who loves to travel, whether it is for business or pleasure. She has been traveling around the world for years, and lately, she has traveled to the Balkans more frequently for work. If there was a specific word to call her it would be a Part-time digital nomad.

During her scrolls on LinkedIn, she found out about AlbaniaTech and decided to share with us the amazing time she had in Albania when she visited last year. Asked about the time when she first heard about Albania, she’s very quick to say that she already knew about it all along. 

“I'm from Slovakia and I'm a frequent visitor to the Balkans region, so Albania naturally has been on my bucket list for some time. My first time traveling to Albania was actually last summer. Although I had a plan to visit it in 2019 for the summer holiday, but the whole situation with the Covid-19 pandemic happened and I decided to postpone it, but last year in the summer of 2021 I decided to come.”

However, Sabina shows to be a very informed woman so she had also heard about the gossip around Albania regarding security, an opinion that she decided to challenge by coming to our country. 

“I travel a lot on my own and traveling alone as a woman represents several dangers. But I saw this traveling to Albania, as a chance to prove that the world is not as threatening as we are told and women can travel without fear, even to those countries that are seen negatively regarding security. There are some negative perspectives coming from the media and I have to say, I was traveling for 14 days and I didn't have a single negative experience,” recounts Sabina. 

Sabina also recounts with great pleasure the tasty food and the friendly locals: “Oh, the food is great! The people are very welcoming and friendly and I see this is a fundamental aspect of Albanian society, Albanians are exceptionally generous and hospitable. I was even invited by an Albanian family to join them for a family dinner. It was really great, and they offered me enough food to feed an army.” she smiles as she describes.

She mentioned she is not much into beaches so she came with the aim of discovering another part of Albania, one that could easily be called a treasure for Albanians! She visited 3 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Butrint on the southern part of Albania which is the microcosmos of the Mediterranean, Berat, and Gjirokastra. 

Although traveling to Albania had its perks, we couldn’t help it but ask Sabina whether she found it hard to enter Albania as a foreigner. 

“Not really because I don't need a visa to visit. Although I carry my passport with me when I'm traveling in the Balkans region but I don't use it. I use my ID card. The only issue in the summer of 2020 were the Covid certificates but I didn't have any problems with that because I had my certificate.”

Sabina also shares that the costs for the trip and the stay were very affordable for her standard, but was very carefully in expressing that she understands that economic levels change from country to country so what seemed affordable for her could not be as much for locals or people travelling from specific countries.

Asked about one thing she liked the most you might be surprised to find out that it was Tirana: “The capital, and the green look of it. I thought and I was expecting Tirana to be gray and dark like many cities that fell under, communist regime, but it turned out quite the opposite. There are parks and the buildings are painted in different colors. It was really nice.”

Sabina has visited many countries and she was persistent in thinking that to make Albania better for Digital Nomads as a first step we need to pay attention to the infrastructure. Albania has to facilitate traveling from one country to another, she expresses. 

Sabina will be back for the summer and visit her new friends from Albania, while she is sure to keep suggesting other people to visit this country.

Author: Prishila Gjoka

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