Agrichallenge: Have a look at the winning ideas in Korça

Agrichallenge final albaniatech


Youth for the Digitalization of Agriculture!
March 11 Agrichallenge Program was finalised in a worthy final between 8 fantastic new teams.

SRD / GIZ in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the Municipality of Korça, with the support of the German Government, brought this program which aimed to bring together agricultural students, young farmers and computer scientists in the Korça region, and beyond to generate and implement new ideas in Startups.

Digitalization of agriculture is one of the most important factors for further development and innovation in this sector by increasing productivity, job creation and quality.

The winners of Agrichallenge were awarded with financial grants and advisory assistance for the implementation of their projects.

?????????? ????????? is working on creating an innovative prototype to help automate farm processes. This automation will have a positive impact on increasing the quality of seedling cultivation and remote monitoring of the farm in further steps of the project.

?????? is a CRM (Client relation management) platform created for the Albanian market, which will enable the tracking, storage, and evaluation of farm products from basic materials to the final customer. The platform has capabilities such as raw materials registration, inventarisation, and accounting.

????????? uses the technique of growing plants in water, not on land. These roots get the balanced ratio of mineral salts with which the plant feeds. This technical type helps in faster plant growth, saving up to 80% of water and increasing production quality.

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  1. Hello!
    I am interested to contact the teams of Agrichallenge. Our organization is under the selection process of two best start up ideas that will present Albania in Eusair Popri Youth- International Competition for start up.
    Can I have their contacts?
    Thank you in advance
    PhD. Mirela Koci

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