AgriChallenge in Korça reveals 9 finalists


What is AgriChallenge?

An innovative competition that brings together 100 young people passionate about technology and agriculture, with the passion to implement their ideas in Startups.

In 2021 AgriChallenge invited all the young people of the city of Korça to an event that would last for six months consisting of interactive activities, info-sessions, workshops led by experts in the field and concluding with a final Hackathon.

A platform for education and awareness which culminates with the event in the city of Korça, a hackathon that combines innovation with cooperation in order to promote technological development. AgriChallenge Hackathon aims to identify current challenges in the agro-industry for which technological solutions are proposed.

Which are the finalists for this year's Hackathon?

Bio Me Mua - Technological tool that will help farmers in the certification of their products according to European standards.
Nje mundesi ndryshe - Virtual farmer community to foster communication and collaboration.
Fidanishte Digjitale - Greenhouse automation system to increase yield and remote farm monitoring capability. Implemented prototype.
iTrack - CRM platform that tracks products to the final customer. Implemented prototype.
Blegtaria Organike - New and innovative way of building hives with plastic material to prevent wood damage from worms
Agro AI - Online website for informing farmers about the news and grants offered
Essenti - Local technology for processing essential oils with 100% organic products.
Gora Agroshop - Virtual brands for the purchase of traditional products and winter zahirs of the Gora area
Hidroponia - Innovative technique of growing plants completely in water, prototype implemented.

The final Hackathon will be held on the 11th of March 2022.

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