Albanian ICT Awards announces the winners of the 10th jubilee edition

Albanian ICT Awards


Ten years ago, the Albanian ICT Awards took the first steps by bringing together two generations of bright minds and heroes of modern times as rising stars, entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, professionals, and technology enthusiasts. In a finale that crowns not only the journey of a generation of young people who have trusted the Albanian ICT Awards with their vision for the future but also a historic moment of a 10-year commitment to serving society and advancing through technology, the Albanian ICT Awards announced on June 11 at a magnificent ceremony at the Palace of Congresses, the winners of the 10th jubilee edition.

Being devoted partners Business Magazine and AlbaniaTech have followed the event up close.

This ceremony was joined by the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Andi Seferi, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Albania, Mr. Skënder Durmishi, Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Festim Halili, sponsors, partners and supporters from all over the country. 

"For us as organizers, it is a moment of reflection. Throughout these 10 years, ICT Awards has experienced extraordinary support with a jury that has worked over 10 thousand working hours, over 2500 competitors, 200 finalists, 300 events, 70 startup founders, and 13 evaluation categories," said the co-founder of the Albanian ICT Awards, Mr. Kushtrim Shala in his opening speech.

Kushtrim Shala ICT Awards

"In its journey ICT Awards has managed to pass the test of time," said the Chairman of the Jury Mr. Visar Jasiqi. 10 years ago those who came up with an idea, today are companies with over 200 employees in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, he continued. "Every year the work of the jury becomes more difficult because the quality of applications keeps increasing," said Mr. Jasiqi.

ICT Awards now starts to measure its steps with decades, said the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Andi Seferi. 

"A success story that brings us all together and makes us proud, not only a generator of innovation and entrepreneurship but with a direct impact on the generation of digital Tirana that is at the core of our projects," he said. Digital nomads develop businesses and their ideas from every corner of the globe. Utilizing the advantages of technology by our talents makes the fourth industrial revolution find us more prepared than in the past and its impact will be quickly translated into economy, development, and well-being", said the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Albania, Mr. Skënder Durmishi.

Jasiqi ICT Awards

"Those who rose and developed are those nations that know how to anticipate the time," said Mr. Festim Halili. Creativity is the way of thinking about new things while innovation is the action to make these innovations a reality.

The Gala Evening started the awards ceremony with the ICT Diploma of the Year category. The winner of this award was announced Kristi Gorea with the project "Use of NFTs in property registration, a case study for Albania." The competitors of this category were Rezarta Thaqi with the project "Development of a" Burp "Supplement with machine learning to increase cyber security in SEMS" and Bjorna Qesaraku with the project "Effect of Focus on Fourier Ptychography." 

The second prize of the evening, ICT Rising Star 16-21 years old was awarded to Leart Qefalia with the project "Medical Assistant". In this category competed Etna Leskaj with the project "BusIT" and Darti Lila with the project "AstraCade and Project Save Harry Fultz". 

Andi Seferi ICT Awards
ICT Awards Prize

Andi Mashkulli with the project "Travigo" was announced the winner of the ICT Rising Star up to 16 years old. He competed with MasterMinds on the Robot Game project and Andrea Toska on the McSrvBot project. UNICEF Albania sponsored laptops for all finalists in this category. With the mission to provide every citizen with a free bank account through a digital solution and enable all banking operations through a virtual debit card, the Pago project from Rubicon was announced the winner of the ICT Startup Award of the Year. Albina Bardhi competed in this category with the project "" and Deivis Shomo with the project "CityRiddler." 

Winner of the ICT Award, The Blockchain Enterprise of the Year, was announced Dardan Isufi with the project Eva. He competed with Fabio Qafa with the "Digital Lek" project and Teki Kolaneci with the "Defi Yield Protocol" project. 

Inspired by the "Defense Innovation Unit" in the United States, the Skaitech company with the Albanian First Drone project was announced the winner of the ICT Innovation Award of the Year. Arian Vranica competed in this category with the project "Instinct App" and Klaus Coka with the project "Jarvis - Automation Robots" legal. Tajda Kumbulla competed with the project “ABA Online”, and Suada Hoxha with the “E-Blood Bank” project. The nationwide competition praised Raiffeisen Bank for its valuable contribution and transformative role through the values and innovation it conveys to society and Vodafone Albania for its important role in the digital transformation of Albanian society by empowering education, development, and social inclusion through technology.

Acknowledgments were also given to Epoka University, Harry Fultz Institute, RIT Kosovo, VIAL Community Albania, Kosova Makers League, Kastriot Fetahaj, and Dielli Zhavelli. More than a coronation moment, the Gala evening of the Albanian ICT Awards has been transformed into a meeting point between ideas and the most prominent minds of Albania, the Balkans, and the Diaspora. It is a moment of celebration, of achievements in technology and entrepreneurial spirit in the service of society and progress through technology. 

Albanian ICT Awards believes that technology has become an inseparable phenomenon in our lives, the defining force of a new social order in which innovation is no longer an option, but a necessity imposed on all human activity. Albanian ICT Awards opened its 10th edition on February 16th, inviting to an annual promotion stage all those who dare to dream, hope and shape their future. young people, innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, business leaders, rising stars, and women in technology could apply in 8 categories: ICT Innovation of the Year, ICT Startup of the Year, Innovative Entrepreneurship Award at Blockchain, ICT Diploma of the Year, ICT Rising Star, Woman in ICT, Cyber Security, and ICT Award Nomination Form.

ICT Awards Blockchain

A decade of innovation, the Albanian ICT Awards has the support of Diamond sponsors: Dritan Hoxha Foundation, Raiffeisen Bank, Albvision, sponsors Platinium Vodafone Albania,, Albsoft, sponsors Gold Radix, Baboon, Ibas, Facilization, OneUP, sponsors Silver Soft & Solution, Armuda Factory , EasyPay and partners Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection, Municipality of Prishtina, Municipality of Tirana, AUK, SEEU TechPark, UNICEF.


  • ICT Innovation of the Year: Skaitech with the Albanian First Drone project
  • ICT Startup of the Year: Rubicon with the Pago platform
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship Award at Blockchain: Dardan Isufi with the Eva project
  • Woman in ICT: Kristiana Filip with the Legit project
  • ICT Diploma of the Year: Kristi Gorea with the project "Use of NFTs in property registration, a case study for Albania."
  • ICT Rising Star 16-21: Leart Qefalia with the Medical Assistant project
  • ICT Rising Star until 16: Andi Mashkulli with the project "Travigo"
  • gratitude

Acknowledgment for the outstanding contribution given by Albanians, young people, professionals, academics, and technology enthusiasts:

  • Vodafone Albania
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • RIT Kosovo
  • Epoka University
  • Harry Fultz Institute
  • VIAL - Virtual Albania
  • Kosova Makers League
  • Dielli Zhavelli
  • Kastriot Fetahaj

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