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AlbaniaTech in “Startop”, Top Channel: The panelists get to know the platform that unites the startup ecosystem

"Startop", a whole new concept of a tv show dedicated to Albanian Startups was implemented in September on one of the top televisions, Top Channel.

Every Saturday new jury members evaluate the presentations of 4 startups or startup facilitators and this week AlbaniaTech was represented by Gerti Boshnjaku, Portal Leader of AlbaniaTech.

The panel consisted of two entrepreneurs Shkëlzen Marku and Marjus Bushi, vice dean of the Faculty of Economics, Martin Serreqi and Besard Kadia, vice Minister of Economy and Finance. The panelists were introduced to the AlbaniaTech project, the platform that brings together all Albanian start-ups to give life to the ecosystem.

Invited to the studio, Gerti Boshnjaku emphasized the importance of the platform for young people with ideas, who want to get information about startups, and who can enter the site and get the necessary knowledge.

"We are improving, so far there are 170 startups that are in the database, and the ecosystem has taken shape, you find all the information here because the platform has a calendar, anyone who wants to get information will be able to instantly find it. The achievement is part of the integration with 'Dealroom', the aim is to increase the interaction, we have started to cooperate as a platform with different actors and organize joint events", said Boshnjaku.

AlbaniaTech is the first platform in Albania in terms of the identification of start-ups and the latest information from the field of young entrepreneurs. Through the ecosystem that AlbaniaTech has created, it aims to empower all young entrepreneurs and offer them a network where they can create new connections and scale.

This brings AlbaniaTech closer to the public, and closer to people with dreams to encounter the possibilities that Albania offers.

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