AlbaniaTech Talks: Machine Learning and AI talk in collaboration with DataMax

AlbaniaTech Talks 2 Machine Learning


On the evening of May 5th, AlbaniaTech and DataMax gathered the passionate community of Machine Learning and AI, part of the Ecosystem of Albania for a workshop regarding Serverless Machine Learning architecture and artificial intelligence. 

The main speaker of the event was the co-founder of DataMax, Sadik Bakiu. Sadik is the Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Data Max. He is focused on bringing Machine Learning projects to production and has been working in the field of Data and Machine Learning for more than 10 years already. With his experience he has helped companies move from the experimentation stage, to actually benefiting from Machine Learning projects.

Machine Learning Meetup

At AlbaniaTech Talks, he brought his expertise based on 4 main topics: 

  • What is Machine Learning?

  • What is Cloud Computing?

  • What is serverless?

  • Building an ML Application with serverless

This was the first meetup of an upcoming series dedicated to the topic. Continuing our mission of informing, supporting, promoting, and inspiring Albanians, we supported DataMax and will continue to support each startup, or ecosystem actor who wants to give to the ecosystem of Albania and help it innovate and expand!

If you have an idea and want support bringing it to life, contact us at

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