AllWeb discovers its first 3 speakers

Lorenzo Cappanari


AllWeb Digital Marketing Conference, which takes place on November 2 in Tirana, presents its first 3 speakers

CEO & Co-Founder at AnotheReality | helping companies going virtual | author & professor

Lorenzo Cappanari is an entrepreneur, professor, and book author. At age 8, he became passionate about programming and video games, a passion instilled by his father.

Graduating with the highest honors in Business Administration, his career began in the Marketing and Sales Department at the well-known household appliance corporation "Indesit".

Afterward, he worked in one of the most famous companies in the world, such as the Milan-based eyewear house Luxottica. Today he is the CEO of AnotheReality, a virtual world innovation company that partners with enterprises on their virtual transformation journey, preparing them for the future metaverse world. He is also the author of the book "Possible Futures" (Futuri Possibili).

The Creativity Explorer. Creativity speaker, Innovation speaker. Author.

Fredrik Haren. "Mother was a teacher, while father was a musician. Combine these two and you have a professional speaker.” This is how Fredrik Haren, an entrepreneur, book author, and speaker at over 200 events worldwide, begins his story.

In 1993, during a semester of study in America, Fredrik was first introduced to the Internet and its revolutionary power. Then, in 1995, he submitted his diploma thesis entitled "The Internet and Marketing", which was later turned into a book, one of the first in Sweden on this topic.

After that, his adventure with entrepreneurship began. Fredrik joined an Internet company, where he later became a 20% owner and managed to expand it, transforming it from a company with 1 employee to 60 within five years.

In 1999, the company was sold, and this is where the question of which would be his next step began. He decided to dedicate his life to human creativity.

He became a professional speaker at the age of 27 and after 5 years as a full-time speaker. 

Founder @ Raise the Runway | Co-founder @ PitchSLAP - Get your investor pitch checked | Brand Champion @ SEAL Metrics

Zineb Layachi is one of the most recognized personalities in the field of marketing, and sales and an expert in matters of consumer experiences and marketing. She is a trainer in the field of leadership and communication. Zineb helps young entrepreneurs who want to present their ideas in the most efficient way possible to investors. She is also the co-founder of PitchSLAP, a business that provides guidance to tech startups to ensure that good businesses don't go unfunded just because they pitch their idea poorly.

Zineb's motto is "Start when you don't feel ready" and she suggests companies pay maximum attention to their customers. After all, people buy from people.

Layachi is a podcast author who has offered her insights to entrepreneurs around the world who want to increase sales effectiveness and create marketing campaigns.

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