AllWeb International Conference is coming to Albania this November!


AllWeb is coming back to Albania this November, after two years! The local, regional and international networking, knowledge sharing, and business development conference.

AllWeb was first organized in Tirana, Albania in 2016, with an event that exceeded its initial expectations and was greatly received by the audience, professionals, and companies.

It all comes back with its initial mission: "Quality content, great speakers, useful case studies, selfless knowledge sharing, and much more." This year's theme will be to experience, explore, and achieve excellence. With the participation of 12 international, regional, and local speakers, in the direction of Gerti Boshnjaku, founder and CEO of New Media Group, Founder of the first digital magazine dedicated to entrepreneurship in Albania, and Portal Leader of AlbaniaTech.

Don't know what to expect? This 2nd of November will be all about: digital marketing, creativity, metaverse, user experience, web3, and business strategy. We invite all c-level execs, marketing managers, advertising agencies, PR and communication experts, entrepreneurs, SME owners, and business consultants to join us at this breathtaking one-day conference.

We will inform you about this year's speakers on the dedicated page for the event, . In the meantime, we remind you only of some of the messages conveyed by the speakers during the previous conferences. 

1- We are in a world that speaks the same language, the digital one. But, marketers are in the challenge of using all digital innovations and recognizing the customer's needs, for a more effective service to them. 

2- Communicating how the product fulfills the customer's needs is a marketer's privilege and his duty to do this work with integrity. Today, when we are "suffocated" by the offers of various products, "we must speak in the language of the consumer and not use industry jargon".

3-Using ever-increasing data requires integrity. "Don't sell customer data," was Matt Desmier’s message. In the needs of the client, you will find the answer to every action you have to take. So, get to know him very well and put yourself in his position, to build marketing strategies, choose communication channels and find the right words to introduce the product. SEO, one of the most long-term investments, also requires you to consider the customer. 

Public speaking 

4-Research the audience and what the event organizer wants you to achieve. What results do they want? 

5- Come up with your big idea – then break it down into sub-messages if necessary. 

6- Think of a catchy phrase or expression to express your idea – one that you can use throughout your speech. 

7- Set your knowledge goals – what do you want them to learn? 

8- Set emotional goals – how do you want them to feel? 

9- Set action goals – what do you want them to do? 

10- Write an excerpt about each message, including a question, fact, or discovery to engage the audience, a story to illustrate the main point, strengthen the message as a result of the story, and then introduce the call to action. 

11- Write a strong opening and closing paragraph for the whole speech and learn them. 

12- Rehearse and be calm throughout the presentation.

AllWeb exceeds expectations by influencing the Albanian Digital Business, Marketing, and Innovation scene with quality content provided by speakers from the International / Regional and local scene. 

Since 2012, on the AllWeb scene (Macedonia & Albania), more than 100 presenters have taken part, from international companies such as: Google, The Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, McDonald`s, The Drum, Escape Studio, Manifest Social, Executive, GroupPRPepper, Publicis, Rinkya, Grouper, 404 Agency, McCann Erickson, Httpool, Cedevita, NewMoment, PressClipping, Scholz and Friends, Mobius, Inteligencr, TopShop (Studio Moderna) 

Some of the speakers have confirmed their participation and will be announced on the dedicated website of the event in Albania:

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