“ALvanTURE”, a dream come true!


Arbër, the founder of ALvanTURE, narrates the inspiring journey from concept to the creation of a luxurious camper van, turning a dream that attracts adventure and travel enthusiasts into reality. Through this interview, Arbër reveals how personal experiences and inspiration from significant figures in his life, like his father, a mechanical engineer, propelled him to undertake this innovative initiative. Exploring Albania through ALvanTURE offers a new perspective on tourism and adventure, giving travelers the chance to experience the beauty of Albania in a unique and comfortable way. This interview uncovers not only the challenges and achievements Arbër faced in his journey to create ALvanTURE but also his passion and commitment to promoting Albania as a tourist destination.

  1. Arbër, what inspired you to create ALvanTURE, and how have your personal experiences shaped the concept of this luxury camper service?
  • I believe we have all dreamed of a camper as an idea, a vision. It’s an experience we all would love to have, traveling with a mobile home. Some have experienced it, some haven’t. Personally, the inspiration for creating ALvanTURE was traveling, the need for innovation, dedication to what you believe in, and spending time on productive activities. But the main inspiration was my father, a mechanical engineer who told me not to get involved in that work because it would be troublesome.
  1. Can you describe the journey of developing ALvanTURE from an idea to a fully operational luxury camper van? What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during this process?
  • I think everyone’s personal experience leads us in directions inherent to our nature. We cannot avoid them; we can only do our best in the path we are on and where we are heading. About three years ago, I started studying campers worldwide through videos, articles, and photos, from appearance to the smallest technical detail. “It’s hours of work,” as people say. Notes, advice from my father, who disagreed, became the main pillar in completing ALvanTURE. Construction began a year ago, involving around 15 people from start to finish, to whom I am immensely grateful, each playing a pivotal role. Challenges included finding the right people and managing them, sourcing the right materials, and countless part variations.
  1. What makes ALvanTURE unique from other options in Albania?
  • Two things: It is the first luxury van built from scratch in Albania, and the ALvanTURE logo, which I believe is understandable to everyone, represents Albania Adventure Van. These are the compasses that guide the innovation of ALvanTURE and the promotion of tourism in Albania.
  1. As someone who has extensively explored Albania, what are your recommended destinations for those using ALvanTURE?
  • There are endless unique and comprehensive destinations in Albania, starting from Shkodra with Shiroka, Berat, Vlora with Karavasta Lagoon, and beyond, Dhërmi, Himarë, etc. Personally, the Korçë-Leskovik-Përmet route is magical, including the Benja Thermal Baths. It’s easily manageable by car and offers many picturesque destinations.
  1. What has been the most rewarding part of managing ALvanTURE for you personally?
  • The effort is rewarding. Starting a dream and completing it is indescribable. I can only say it feels like when you haven’t slept in your bed for a long time and return to it after many days.
  1. What advice would you give to someone planning to explore Albania with ALvanTURE for the first time?
  • Take it easy and fully enjoy our beautiful moving home in our Albania.
  1. How does ALvanTURE contribute to promoting tourism in Albania and raising awareness for exploring new places?
  • As mentioned earlier, it’s a commodity that enhances Albanian tourism, especially in the eyes of foreigners, where we have seen an increase in quality tourists in recent years. It gives Albania something essential it lacked before, despite its history. The places in Albania are there to be seen by us. Now there’s something more to make them easier to see.
  1. What are your future plans for ALvanTURE? Are there any new features or expansions in the planning?
  • I don’t want to comment on that at the moment since it’s early. Let’s enjoy and appreciate ALvanTURE for now.

Through passion, dedication, and a clear vision to bring a new experience to Albania, Arbër has transformed his dream into reality with the creation of ALvanTURE. Facing challenges with courage and wisdom, ALvanTURE has become not just the first of its kind in Albania but also a symbol of adventure and freedom. Arbër’s inspiration and commitment to offering something special have not only realized his dream but also opened a new window for all those wishing to discover Albania in a completely new way. The future of ALvanTURE is seen not as a destination but as an ongoing journey towards innovation and exploring new possibilities, becoming an inspiration for all of us who pursue our dreams with courage and passion.

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