Andreas Wil Gerdes: How to get a driving license to remote work in Albania!

Andreas Wil Gerdes in AlbaniaTech


“The digital era taught us that we don’t have to have all the answers ourselves. Now we can meet the people who have the answers and do whatever we want, whenever we want.”

This is how our “ Digital Nomading” interview with Andreas Wil Gerdes began. In 25 minutes he went through all of his experience as a Digital Nomad, how AI and tech will change the world even more and in 10 years' time remote work will be a must. Andreas is aware that there is human resistance to embrace this change in their lives however it is an undeniable future.

His years of exploring new places and exchanging knowledge have benefited him in all his life aspects up to education. He told us more about “Manabu” a Japanese concept that his little girl uses in education and showed us how his beliefs could also be proved in the way his children are being raised, humans of the world that learn every step of the way.

Lately, he has launched a program for remote work, he calls it a “driving license” to becoming a freelancer. But don’t be fooled this is not a specific program, anyone can learn the right skills to work remotely!

Pro learning but against school? That is his approach and he argues it well as we go through scientific facts about creativity and problem-solving in children up to their adult years.

An immersive interview from the perspective of a digital nomad investing his time and knowledge in Albania. Why did he choose Albania? What do we have to offer? What are we missing? Discover it all in Digital Nomading by AlbaniaTech.

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