AvaLabs, another Albanian success in the Forbes “30 under 30”

Kevin Sekniqi AvaLabs


Albanian Startup Success has been showcased in "Forbes 30 under 30" many times these recent years, majorly in Finance. This time Kevin Sekniqi with his enterprise Ava Labs took the lead.

Kevin comes from Shkodra, he cofounded Ava Labs 5 years ago in New York and then moved it to Miami Florida, after finishing his studies at Cornell University. It took him a few years of work in companies such as Microsoft and Nasa to finally undergo the path of innovation himself. 

As the youngest co-founder of Ava Labs, Sekniqi played a key role in the creation of Avalanche, a high-speed blockchain that counts over three million users, and AVAX, a cryptocurrency with a $4 billion market value. In September, private equity giant KKR said it would tokenize part of its Health Care Strategic Growth Fund II on Avalanche, granting investors access to private equity with a fraction of typically required capital.

Ava Labs makes it simple to launch decentralized finance applications on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. The company is empowering people to easily and freely digitize all the world’s assets on one open, programmable blockchain platform.

Ava Labs was founded by Cornell computer scientists who brought on talent from Wall Street to execute their vision. The company has received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Initialized Capital, and Polychain Capital, with angel investments from Balaji Srinivasan and Naval Ravikant.

Floreta Luli-Faber, Ambassador of Albania to the United States of America also wrote about Kevin. She met him in Miami and in her post it is shown how much she appreciated him in the first few hours when he would modestly recount his journey. Floreta remembers that when they met AvaLabs was still in the research phase and she is happy that it is now a success. 

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