Brainster Albania IT Scholarships: Your Path to a Career Kickstart

Brainster Albania Scolarships


Educational and technological organization, Brainster, is offering scholarships to talented students in Albania to support them in obtaining a quality education for employment in the IT industry.

Through these scholarships, Brainster Albania offers two types of financial assistance for the Front-End Programming Academy. The first scholarship is full, covering the entire tuition fee. The main requirement is that candidates must be registered as unemployed with the state employment institution. The second scholarship is partial, covering 50% of the Academy's expenses and is aimed at young people looking to embark on a new career.

"As an organization with a social responsibility, focusing on students and the community, Brainster Albania will provide full scholarships to every motivated individual who is registered as unemployed. Partial scholarships are for those who want to change their profession and start anew. To benefit from Brainster scholarships, interested individuals need to apply on our website. After applying, our representatives will contact them immediately to discuss and schedule an informative meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for interested parties to get to know our organization better, and for us to learn more about them - their background and motivation for starting Front-End programming learning. After the meeting, we will have a good idea if our goals align with the goals of the interested candidates," said Orjeta Zylalaj from Brainster Albania.

The available spots in the Academy are limited and are expected to fill up quickly. The application for Brainster scholarships will be open for a full month, starting from October 16th and lasting until November 16, 2023.

"Through this campaign, we have three goals we want to achieve. Firstly, to provide broader access to quality education in the IT sector and not allow financial conditions to be a barrier for the most talented and motivated individuals aiming to start a career in Front-End programming. Secondly, we deeply believe in the untapped potential of Albanian youth. By offering programs for the necessary skills and knowledge, we are investing in the future leaders and innovators in the IT sector in Albania. And thirdly - we are here to offer our support to the IT sector itself, as in the long term, we expect this initiative to result in increased innovation, the creation of more startups, and the rise of Albania as a significant IT hub in the region," says Stefan Smiljanoski, CEO of Brainster Albania.

A few months ago, the Brainster Albania office was opened in Tirana. Initially, we offer the Front-End Programming Academy, through which students will acquire the necessary skills to build a successful career in the IT industry.

The lessons at the Front-End Programming Academy will begin in early December this year. Over the 12 months of the academy, the instructor team will consist of well-known experts in the IT sector in Albania, who will transfer their knowledge and experience to students through real projects for real companies. After completing the academy, the most outstanding students will have the opportunity for internships or employment in Brainster Albania's partner companies.

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