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The e-commerce association in Albania was established only 2 years ago, but it has brought together several players in the e-commerce industry in Albania, indicating the importance and need for this association in the market. In this interview, we discuss with one of the founders who decided to become a part of the association, Dasha Frashëri, with her business By Best.

Why did you decide to be a part of the E-commerce Association in Albania?

Sharing knowledge and experience: Membership in AECA allows us to share personal knowledge and experiences with other members in the online commerce industry in Albania and beyond, which helps in developing knowledge and implementing better strategies for online sales.

What do you think can improve the online commerce market?

Improving infrastructure and logistics. Raising standards for consumer data and transaction security. Providing excellent customer service and personalizing the shopping experience.

All of the above points will contribute to a positive online shopping experience and increase consumer trust.

Who are the e-commerce actors in Albania? What technological developments have they brought to the market?

E-commerce actors in Albania: Established online commerce companies. Informal "businesses" on social networks. Online commerce platforms. Online commerce associations (AECA). Consumers.

In terms of technological developments, online commerce in Albania has benefited from the increased use of platforms and applications for online shopping, improvements in the payment system, and increased use of mobile technologies.

What impact has the association had on the market? What are the future plans? What has been the impact on your business?

The AECA association has increased the influence and voice of the online commerce industry in relation to consumers, government, and other authorities. This helps in changing policies and regulations that affect the online commerce sector. Membership in the association enables us to connect with other e-commerce companies, opening the door to new partnerships and shared business opportunities.

Finally, the association has launched a questionnaire for online businesses where they can get a personalized guide and free consultation with association experts. How valuable is this to you? What is the purpose of this service?

Offering a questionnaire for online businesses to provide a personalized guide and free consultations is a valuable and useful service for members. This can help businesses receive specific advice and guidance on the challenges and opportunities in the online market in Albania.

If you were to make a call to e-commerce businesses in Albania, what would it be?

Make sure to explore all the opportunities that online commerce offers in Albania. Emphasize innovation and building a better online presence. Join the AECA association to share knowledge and experience with online commerce experts and use this knowledge to improve yourself and your business.

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