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Coworking is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcels acceptance services.”, according to Wikipedia.

Coworking was preceded by European hacker spaces of the 1990s, where programmers would exchange skills and best practices. Some co-working places were developed by remote workers and entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to working in coffeehouses and cafes. Another major factor that drives demand for coworking is the growing role of independent contractors and digital nomads.

Lately, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship in Albania has approved the Startup Law where Digital Nomads have been given a place as impactful actors in the Albanian Startup Ecosystem and its development. The Law defines a digital nomad as the following: “Digital Nomads are foreigners that work by means of information technology in different places, not in offices or registered residency, mainly in distance or in constant mobility, that gain the status of a constant digital traveler in correspondence to the legislations of the Law in force for foreigners.”

Albania is known for having high cafe density, and most of them have specifically structured their environment to fulfill the needs of digital nomads and remote workers. Although co-working spaces are not missing!

The first co-working Space in Albania is My Office’Al, established in 2014. Since then many co-working spaces have opened their doors to the public. Below you can find the list of co-working spaces in Albania:

Coolab: This is the place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business professionals and technologists who want to be part of an active community.
Innospace Tirana: Innospace Tirana has built a state-of-the-art co-working space, where you can focus on your next big project. From coffee machines to high-speed internet - they’ve thought about everything you might need.
Destil Creative Hub: Destil is a co-working & co-living multi-functional center focused on social, cultural & artistic events. It’s a hub designed for creative people to work on their projects, exchange local & international practices and exhibit their creations.
Dutch Hub: Dutch Hub is the largest co-working in Albania. Since 2018 and with 1000 square meters in the heart of Tirana, Dutch Hub offers endless opportunities for professionals and local and foreign companies. Our offers range from hourly and daily plans to long-term ones, accompanied by 20 professional services, networking opportunities, and other facilities. Dutch Hub offers individual jobs, workspaces for groups and companies in open space or shared offices, and private offices in various formats.
MyOffice’Al: Coworking space in Tirana with open workplaces equipped with modern infrastructure and amenities. Located in the center of Tirana, next to the central train station and only footsteps away from the main square.
Tirana Business Park: Tirana Business Park is a project aiming to establish a business park and an economic center of European standards, and to give the Albanian area a real potential for economic and social development. With this in mind, we will change the way business is done. Tirana Business Park stands for a new, excellent working location.
Tech Space: "TechSpace" is responsible for creating creative environments of its space, designing programs in support and development of startups, as well as promoting consolidated businesses within the Center in expanding their activity.
Protik: Protik’s major goal is the promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The center intends to provide education in innovation, entrepreneurship, technical subjects, and soft skills, topics for instruction and activities will continue to focus on idea generation. Protik will provide access to resources for ICT entrepreneurs and business innovators.
Cowork Zone: Fully furnished office space for freelancers, and early-stage companies.
Head Office Tirana: Head office is the newest hourly rented office in Tirana, where freelancers can find their favorite meeting spot.
Korça Tech and Innovation Hub: The newest innovation and technology center in the city of Korça, "Thimi Mitko" Library. 
Arka Shkodër: Arka Youth Center, both in terms of structure but also in terms of administration and organization of activities, is a generator of support and development programs for young people who want to develop their skills in various fields.
Discover more about the Albanian Startup Ecosystem below.

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