“Destined to Build Your Future!”: K4S6 Startup Fund Arrives in Tirana!


In Tirana, a new initiative has arrived that promises to change the landscape of entrepreneurship in Albania: K4S6 Startup Fund. Founded by Kevin Sekniqi, one of the most successful Albanian entrepreneurs in the diaspora, this incubator aims to stimulate the development of the startup ecosystem in the country by providing substantial support and funding for innovative ideas.

How does K4S6 work?
K4S6 Startup Fund is dedicated to further developing the Albanian startup ecosystem by supporting and nurturing innovative ideas. The team is led by a group of Albanian and Albanian-American entrepreneurs with a passion for supporting the brightest minds Albania has to offer.

This project has a unique two-tier approach, namely the Startup Track and the Fellows Track, exclusively focused on the Albanian-speaking market.

Young people and startups through these programs will benefit from considerable funding.

Startup Track:
Funding ranges from $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the seriousness and maturity of the startup. Regardless of the sector, whether it’s technology, healthcare, or any other industry, the necessary capital and expertise are provided to expand your vision. The minimum application requirement is usually a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Having an established user base is not necessary, though it is a plus. What matters is that you have clearly demonstrated the ability to go from “zero to one” with your idea.

Fellows Track:
Funding is a fixed fee of $5,000 per year, guaranteed for two years, where primarily students or individuals of any age have the opportunity to fully delve into their idea, with an option for renewal for an additional two years if there is significant progress towards the materialization of an idea. This path is for dreamers who do not yet have a clear concept, so they will be offered grant payments and an encouraging environment to explore and develop their innovative ideas, without pressure whether the ideas are profitable at the moment or not. Important factors are desire and motivation to build the future.

K4S6 is not just about funding. This is only the first step. As young people or startups work to build their product, form their team, or explore new ideas, they will be offered advice, mentoring, presentations, and new connections to help expand their professional network and open up new perspectives for building new businesses with potential for international growth. This program has just started, and information on the application criteria is listed on the website: https://www.k4s6.io/program-details

Applications & Selection
After collecting all applications for both levels, each application will be screened, and after this phase, only the selected candidates will have the opportunity to move on to the next phase of interviewing and then funding and care to ensure that each idea or startup excels.

If you are ready to build the future and make a mark in the global startup ecosystem, K4S6 is the right place for you.

Apply Now to be part of a transformative journey towards success!

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