Digital Nomad Gianni Bianchini visiting Albanian Alps

Gianni Bianchini


Gianni Bianchini is an Italian Digital Nomad Mentor & Content Creator, born in Puglia, with a passion for vlogging he came to Albania to experience what no one ever talked about, the beauty of nature.

He recorded a 23-minute vlog named "MA QUANTO È BELLA L'ALBANIA?" (How beautiful is Albania?) on his trip through Lake Koman, to Valbona.

"I spent two days in the north of Albania visiting its alps, forests, rivers, and emerald lakes. And for one night I also slept on the farm of an Albanian family. Far from the tourist beaches and immersed in the unspoiled nature of this part of the country" he describes.

During his stay, Gianni was surprised to find not only beautiful alps and emerald lakes but a welcoming family that offered him a place to stay in their house.

To watch the full experience click here.

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