Elvis Allmuça, CEO of Dupron, the Albanian property search platform


How has your career helped you on founding Dupron?

Every job I have done has been very important in my formation and has helped me to be more precise in the decisions I make and to take safer steps in the work I do today.

My first job was in the field of services and it taught me how to deal with customers to sell a product. These lessons have also helped me a lot with Dupron and our approach to clients.

Then I worked as a supervisor at CEZ-Albania. It has helped me a lot to be more organised and improve teamwork. In another experience, working as a sales manager at Fujitsu has helped me improve communication and product presentation skills and negotiate with clients, which serves me immensely even today where I have to negotiate with stakeholders to use Dupron.

For several years I have worked in the field of real estate agencies and during that time I touched more closely on the real problems of this market in our city.

What have been some of the biggest challenges for you?

My biggest challenge has been creating Dupron app because moving to a new field like IT for which I had very little information was a big challenge. For this reason I chose to do some courses to better understand the field of programming. This lessons then served me in the conception of the app.

What have been some of the biggest wins of your engagement?

The day it became possible for Dupron to be downloaded in app store and play store was one of the most beautiful moments as we spent 2.5 years building Dupron and it seemed like all our efforts had been worth it and anyone could have a touch of our idea.

The next moment of grace was when we started concluding the first contracts with clients who wanted to register their properties in our application. When people believe you are motivated to give back the trust they give you by making it possible to increase the benefits they should have by using Dupron.

What are some of the specific needs of Dupron?

Dupron needs grants because through an investment this application can become the only advertising and property management platform where people can be directed based on their property needs.

Why did you choose Tirana to establish and grow your business?

Since Dupron is an application that is focused on properties, Tirana has the best conditions for the creation of this idea as it is a city developing at a fast pace. The construction sector is a sector that is growing rapidly and I think there is a lack of applications in our country which bring together construction firms, real estate agents and property owners. Tirana is also facing an increase in people who want to invest in property and I think that Dupron plays a key role in this as they will find it easier to go where the property is located and check out the facilities it has nearby.

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