From Jordan to Albania: The top travel destinations and trends for 2023


Passports ready!

We’ve all got our dream destinations that we would love to go to in 2023 but what about something off the beaten track?

From Guyana and Jordan to regenerative travel, Richard Mellor rounds up next year’s top travel trends and destinations and Albania is one of them!

"Meet 2023’s destination du jour. Huge on Insta this summer, with reels showcasing its caramel-coloured shores and their Maldives-mimicking waters, this non-Eurozone country’s affordability might prove irresistible after winter’s frightening energy bills.

In April, for example, return London-Tirana flights cost from £64, via Easy Jet, taxis on to Durres start at £15 and the coastal resort’s beachside, well-regarded Cosmo Hotel is only £57 a night. That means weekends can come in under £200pp including other feasible costs."

This is what wrote about Albania. To get more information visit our detailed section at Discover Albania


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