Dritan Pecini: GameOn, Media Dedicated to Online Games


Dritan Pecini has received most of his experience from the Australian Tech Industry. During his time in Melbourne, he has studied and worked at his own entrepreneurial business in the fields of digital education and media. After his return to Albania, he guided the Digital Marketing Strategy through DDB Albania & Montenegro for clients such as Raiffeisen Bank Albania & Telekom Montenegro. Currently, Dritan leads his own Digital Advertising Agency named after himself.

He is founder of GameOn as well, a media dedicated to online games.

GameOn Albania is a media platform which serves to bring information and the latest news of the gaming and e-sports industry.

Through the integration of the website, YouTube channel and social media accounts, one of the main goal of GameOn is to play an informative role for the interested community and at the same time enable a bridge of communication between all gamers who share common interests, wherever they are.

Dritan has worked for many years in the marketing sector in Melbourne, Australia. He then returned to Albania and had some successful collaborations with local agencies in the field of marketing. It all started as a passion, to turn the marketing agency into a media platform in gaming service. That’s why Dritani decided to establish GameOn Albania.

"The digital law says: Wherever you are, you can do it," says Dritan.

GameOn has previously operated as a marketing agency, in addition to media information on gaming they also offer ads. In most cases are the customers who collaborate with them and so within a short time they have grown a lot.

However, like any business, they have had some technical problems with the servers but they recovered very quickly. Self-funding has also been an issue, but with the passion and desire for better work, they have tried to make the best possible.

Last year GameOn hosted an event for gaming players in partnership with RedBull, which is still a GameOn partner. They have also had collaborations with Cineplexx, Gjirafa, AlbaGame and recently signed the latest cooperation with Telekom Albania.

When GameOn started operating, there were few gaming centers in Tirana. As soon as GameOn started working, people became interested in gaming and e-sports news and as a result these centers increased. In economic terms, they have had a positive impact, as the more centers open the more people employed. Another innovation that GameOn is proud of is the fact that they have identified 10 Albanian players at high global levels in the e-sports industry. They want to promote these players and also encourage their participation through international competitions.

However, the concept of gaming in Albania is completely wrong. GameOn has a loyal audience in both Albania and Kosovo. According to statistics, it has resulted that 70% of the GameOn Albania audience is over 24 years old and employed. It is even very interesting that over 24% of the followers are female.

Albania should become a center for gaming in Europe, to be a reference point for the Adriatic part. GameOn aims to educate the audience regarding gaming and e-sports. They want to create teams that can compete globally.

Their vision is to have a structure that will be identified globally, but this will depend on the advancement of international e-sports. They also aim to increase the number of gaming players through the media platform.

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