Granit Doshlaku: My Journey Creating Manaferra


The young boy from Kosovo is a certified expert and lecturer for Search Marketing with a focus on SEO & Content Marketing. He has been a speaker at several events, including Business Tuesday, organized by ICK with the topic "Albanian Web Monetization", NASA Space App Challenge with the topic "Google Search Operators: Power Tips", Digital Diplomacy Day organized by Universum College with the topic "Use of search engines in digital diplomacy", as well as in AllWeb Albania and AllWeb Mk, digital marketing conferences organized in Albania and Macedonia.

He is a certified lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute based in Ireland. Grait has lectured for about 3 years on the topic of Search Marketing with a focus on SEO & Content Marketing. He is currently lecturing on Search Marketing at Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

Graniti has been involved in digital marketing since 2009, when he started building websites and monetizing them with Affiliate Marketing. He discovered SEO in 2010 as a very effective way to send quality traffic to self-managed website. During 2012 he started working with NextSEO, a local agency specializing in SEO and working with the German-speaking market. There Graniti has worked in various industries such as Insurance, E-commerce, etc. In 2014 he co-founded the Manaferra agency for digital marketing (specializing in Search Marketing & Web Development).

Granit Doshlaku is a co-founder and heads the Search Marketing department at Manaferra, a digital agency based in Pristina, Kosovo. The agency organizes regular trainings & workshops for their local and international clients on topics related to SEO, Content & PPC.

During the last 5 years he has worked with local clients such as Gazeta Express, which has increased traffic for 8 million more visitors, during the first 6 months of engagement in SEO, ProCredit Bank Kosova and with international clients such as the University of the Potomac (US), Sustainability Management School (CH), MetDaan (IE), Kiwi LMS etc.. During this time he has specialized in providing services for three specific industries: Higher Education, SaaS and News / Media. Most of their clients come from these three industries, but there are also clients who are in other industries (Real Estate, Law Firms, Local Businesses, etc.).

His agency launched Picasio in 2016, one of the first platforms that enabled publishers and marketers to create interactive content. With Picasio you can create three formats with interactive content (Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz, and Slideys). Brands like RedBull and others have used Picasio and their performance has been successful.

"SEO is one of the digital marketing channels with the largest return on investment and efficiency, but still remains very little known in the Albanian market. If you are a business and have not yet thought about how to use SEO to your advantage, you should start now with the creation & implementation of a strategy that will help you create a presence in search results," advises his readers Graniti. "If you are new and SEO seems like an interesting field, I recommend you start learning the basics, create a project to experiment and see the results of your work being ranked first on Google. This is the most wanted jobs listed in LinkedIn, so someone with solid SEO skills is never out of a job."

Recently Manaferra has been extended to the US, this came as a result of several successful collaboration projects with clients there.

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