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IMAA Platform - Albania's first talent acquisition platform where hiring comes easy.

The economic fluctuations of recent years have had varying effects on recruiting. Some companies have been forced to cut back on hiring and even conduct layoffs, while other companies find it harder than ever to hire and retain employees. 

In this uncertain environment, TA leaders need to keep evolving their hiring practices while potentially being asked to do more with less. You may be certain that a new talent acquisition platform can help your company improve efficiency and even save money in the long run, but making the business case for the investment in a new system is another story.

Experience an innovative, robust, recruiting platform designed to increase recruiter productivity, foster hiring team collaboration, and enhance candidate experience from source to hire with the IMAA platform.

IMAA Platform is here to help you tell that story to the people that matter: executives and leaders. It’s the story of how improved productivity, quality of hire, hiring velocity, talent attraction, and efficiency drives business value and saves money.

Here’s a quick view of how to translate outcomes for talent acquisition into cost savings.

Overall, the IMAA platform is a recruitment and selection software solution that helps you find the right candidates for the job in less time. The system allows you to create a streamlined profile for sourcing, attracting, screening, interviewing and onboarding candidates from the IMAA talent pool, whether you are looking to fill lower-level or manager roles or rehire boomerang employees.

IMAA talent acquisition platform includes features such as:

  • Writing job descriptions and posting job requirements;

  • Design tailored job offers, application forms, and careers pages;

  • Easily post all your job offers;

  • Candidate sourcing and filtering;

  • Managing interviews;

  • Candidate relationship management;

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) reporting;

The people you hire have a significant impact on the product or service you offer, the satisfaction of your customers, the reputation of your brand, and the atmosphere of your work environment.

Register your business for free and let the platform do the matchmaking! 


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