How Social Media Holidays Help Shape Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Most of our time is spent on social media and that’s no secret. We see new posts about the latest news, updates, reviews, tips, etc. and of course, we love interacting with them as long as they contain important and relevant information.

One of the post types that we’ve recently come across is about international/national or awareness days around the world. These posts are worth reading because they help nurture our knowledge.

Awareness days may be different based on different locations, but they behold an interesting approach: they celebrate unique events every year.

But, there are many things that marketers should be aware of. Once you learn about the upcoming events, you start preparing for them with content and marketing strategies, but there might be something that can be forgotten: relevancy to your niche.

If you live in Alaska and own a bakery, it simply wouldn’t make sense to celebrate International Cheetah Day (Dec 4) or National Violin Day (Dec 13) on social media; unless you have that animal in your house or you’re a retired/passionate violinist. The idea is to share social media content that can help reach the right audience, i.e National Cookie Day (Dec 4), Double 12 Sale (Dec 12), or National Cupcake Day (Dec 15).

We’ve listed 6 benefits you need to know about awareness days around the world:

  • Promote local businesses

There are plenty of ways to share your gratefulness and support with local businesses in your town. It could be with you sending gifts to them, giving kudos on LinkedIn, organizing a whole webinar for them, etc.

Another way for you to promote a local business is to share posts on special days that are relevant to them.

Let’s suppose it’s Lipstick Day (July 29) and you have a favorite blogger who always writes about make-up stuff. What you can do is show your respect toward their hard work on this interesting awareness holiday. Whether you do it via a simple social media update, Instagram Reel, or TikTok - that’s totally up to you, as long as you tag them and add the correct hashtag: #LipstickDay.

  • New content ideas

If you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, you can simply do a quick search on Google and see that multiple brands are populating their blog with social media holiday content ideas.

According to Publer, social media holidays are now a trend and they’ve seen a huge interest in making the most out of them.

They started sharing monthly social media holiday calendars in June 2020, and haven’t stopped since then.

According to, among younger shoppers, namely Gen Z and millennials, more than 80 percent reported using social media platforms for inspiration when buying holiday gifts. Now that’s good news and a tip to creating some content during different holidays.

  • They help plan your agenda ahead

One of the greatest struggles of a marketing professional is to organize time properly and make the most out of every duty. But, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your work or new things simply pop up so you tend to avoid important things.

That’s why we love scheduling meetings, collaborations, and social media posts ahead of time.

The tool that helps us schedule all social media posts is Publer. All social media holidays can be found on the virtual calendar and we’re only one click away from creating a quick new post. This triggers our marketing team to create content for different holidays easily so we can reach more people, boost sales, and increase engagement.

By collecting the top-notch content and scheduling it ahead of time, we have more time to create blog posts, marketing campaigns, and attend webinars/events.

  • Reach potential customers

Among multiple ways to reach new customers like through surveys, targeted ads, social media (tweets, direct messages, comments, etc.), social media holidays help bring close potential buyers.

By using the correct hashtags on special international/awareness days, you’re allowing your content/post to pop up in the right feed. People love engaging with relevant content on relevant days.

Once you understand the interest people have in these kinds of posts, you can easily retarget them again once you’re creating marketing campaigns - that can be done with the help of Facebook retargeting ads.

  • Repurpose content easily

Content repurposing is the process of transforming your content into another form. Let’s suppose you have written a long blog article. You can shrink out the content and take all the bullet points out of it to create a thumb-stopping Instagram Reel or a Twitter thread.

That’s exactly what you can do with social media holiday content. Let’s take a look at December’s calendar, which we received from Publer at the beginning of November. There are 111 days every brand can take advantage of. Starting with international holidays like World Wildlife Conservation Day (Dec 4), International Mountain Day (Dec 11), Christmas (Dec 25), or awareness holidays like Cupcake Day (Dec 15), Sangria Day (Dec 20), etc.

All of these holidays contain a beautiful history, tips, and quotes that can easily be put into multiple post types. Saving the day just like superheroes - and that can be easily confirmed by professional marketers.

According to, the best part about repurposing content is that you can use it to achieve multiple purposes at once. You can take an existing piece of content that has been performing well, and say, "Okay, I want to repurpose this to reach person X," where X is a combination of a persona and a stage in the decision-making process.

  • Humanize your brand

By sharing social media holiday content you’re helping your brand look more human.

Why does it look like that?

That’s because your content consists of thorough research and as long as it is creative, helps answer a popular question, and contains valuable tips and tricks - it means that you truly care about your audience, and collecting feedback is way easier.

According to, 68% of content marketers rely on curated content as part of their content marketing strategy.

Every day is a holiday and a chance for everyone to stand out, create powerful content, and target the right audience.

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