How young do you feel on International Youth Day!

International Youth Day


Written by: Anila Hoxha

23 years ago the General Assembly of the United Nations declared August 12 as International Youth Day and 23 years after I found myself writing about youngsters and also feeling and being responsible for shaping their future.

Each of us should actually be responsible for the youth, we were once young in age and we were looking toward the future taking for granted that it would have been better, brighter, and happier. We expect a lot from youngsters, although they’re the backbone of our society they need continuous attention, commitment, and patience from our side. Not just cliché words and phrases, but a real understanding of their needs that are a lot different from ours, we should listen to what they say if we really care about them. They’re different, for sure they are and that is good, their priorities have changed a lot since I was young once and I’ve deeply and truly understood it by working beside and with them.

On today’s International youth day and being Tirana the European Youth Capital for 2022, I want to celebrate all my young colleagues and all my young collaborators, especially those I had the chance to work with in the ESG Innovation Bootcamp "Responsible Youngsters for a sustaianble future". I want to say thank you for being part of my journey, for teaching and showing me how to remain young and never lose that spirit. Because I genuinely believe that you have the potential and the means to make the future a better place. 

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