InnFest Day Two: “Connect Albania to Itself”


In addition to connecting with the world, we also need to connect better with each other. Online commerce and the internet itself today provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to achieve this. Throughout this day, the best e-commerce companies will be present in the hall with various activities and speeches. The afternoon will be dedicated to companies from Kosovo and the diaspora, which are our most important part in connecting with ourselves and the world.

The journalists of Business Magazine Albania had the opportunity to interview some of the participating startups in the #startuphall area, where they briefly asked about their startup journey and their feelings and expectations regarding the 3-day festival.

Patoko: Representatives from Patoko expressed, "Patoko is an Albanian-Canadian collaboration, and the name was inspired by the first colored dolls in Albania. The reason for the birth of Patoko is mobility convenience. As for the festival, they say that visitors and networking are the most beautiful part. They believe that startups with the right product are the ones that will bring about change. In the future, Patoko expects to bring a very different vision with a vastly improved UX and UI, starting locally but looking internationally."

UNO robotics: Marlin Nano, a representative of UNO Robotics, briefly talked about the startup created by four students from the "Harry Fultz" Institute. They brought an assistant doctor 2.0 to INNFest. The medical assistant is a hospital prototype robot that can be expanded in various directions. They aim to create more industrial prototypes as this is their second one, and they hope to continue with even larger projects.

THURJE: Thurje handmade is a brand of contemporary artisanal creations produced in Albania. "We've been operating for about 3 years, and what sets Thurje apart is the innovation it brings through design. For our collections, we collaborate with various Albanian designers, all of whom are young. We've decided on this approach because we want each collection to have a different and unique energy. The creations are made by artisans from the Korça and Elbasan regions, while we also prepare the materials, which are hand-dyed. InnFest is a great opportunity to meet potential customers as there are potential investors and various individuals present," said the representatives of the startup THURJE.

APR: In a conversation with APR representatives, they explained that APR is significantly different from zoological gardens because it offers educational classes for children. "There are classes with environmentalists and more, mainly focused on animals, where kindergarten and elementary school children can have a different hour. The main objective is for children to be as free and happy as possible. APR's latest project is the "Robot Show," which emerged from the moment children designed their favorite animals and then built them using clay or plasticine. Due to numerous requests, they decided to create various animal projects with recyclable materials with the help of specialists."

INNFest will continue tomorrow, on September 10th, so don't miss it! INNFEST.

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