INNVEST Investors/ Storytelling session by CEO Antonio Giacomini


In this storytelling session of Innvest Investors, Mr. Antonio Giacomini CEO of our partner Innovaway, talks about Innovaway Vision, innovation and 2023 short terms & long terms visions, its impact & value, digital transformation & client unique experiences milestones.  The Innovaway Group, led by CEO Antonio Giacomini, traces its roots back to the late 1990s when Cesaweb was established. Mr.Giacomini shared valuable insights into the remarkable journey and vision of the company he leads. Reflecting on the origins of Innovaway, Mr. Giacomini highlights its evolution from Cesaweb, a company initially founded to provide BPO and IT services. It quickly expanded, bolstering its workforce to 220 employees.

Today Innovaway has more than 1,000 employees and a consolidated turnover exceeding 50 million All Innovaway Group delivers innovative ICT solutions and services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Their clientele comprises over 300 international companies spanning 200 countries across various sectors, including industry, finance, retail, luxury, transport, services, and the public sector.

The vision Mr.Giacomini is talking about in the coming years, it’s closely related with the artificial intelligence, and applications accessible everywhere, devices (robots, drones and processors) that will begin to make possible new interactions between humans, computers and the environment and will push companies to invest more in a diversified set of technologies that enhance distributed processing capacity, security and connectivity. He says that the development guidelines of their IT offer are based on: the valorization and evolution of our assets, starting from the Remote Services and of course the development of new digital skills, through our R&D, the specialization and training of their people, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

The vision of the upcoming years of our partner Innovaway it’s very inspiring and fascinating. As Mr. Giacomini said, over the next 5 years, they aim to become one of the main players in the Digital transformation market, a rapidly evolving market that presents us with increasingly higher and complex challenges. For this goal it is very necessary and at the same time essential an organic growth, as well as repositioning the offer, which must go hand in hand with the commercial proposition capacity and the growth of skills.

Referring to Innovaway’s contribute to digital transformation for its clients, and what of the key benefits of clients, Mr. Giacomini points out that they are working on the development of technological partnerships with the most important brands (VENDOR) and on strengthening alliances with the big names in the consultancy offer (CONSULTING), with the aim of completing our offer with technological innovation and with vertical skills in the various industrial sectors. The advantages for Innovaway target customers are many: the modernization of infrastructures and business applications towards cloud platforms, the improvement of the digital resilience of the infrastructures, security and regulatory compliance. 

Mr. Giacomini highlights an important, inspiring and successful experience, with Ita Airways and Carpisa. Since 2018 they have been the main Partner of Ita in the supply of Remote Services (Service Desk). In 2022 they supported the, throughout the process of replacing the tool for recording incidents, changes and Service Requests. In order to continuous service improvement, Innovaway’s Technology Competence Center presented a scalable and customizable solution (Service Now) giving full evidence of the design and technical capabilities of their great teams. The technical team dedicated to Service Now managed in just one and a half months to guarantee the achievement of the set objectives thanks to the deep knowledge of the customer's needs, the high focus on the objectives and the right approach showing availability and curiosity in learning things new.

In conclusion of his analyze, regarding to the impact of Innovaway of values and its services, Mr. Giacomini points out that the value of the services is measured by the degree of satisfaction of their customers, which depends on the ability to solve problems, to propose new technologically advanced solutions to reorganize work with a direct impact on process efficiency and, therefore, on profits.

As Mr. Giacomini said: “We are aware of the strategic importance of digitalization, which is destined to radically and forever change many aspects of the daily life of citizens, businesses and institutions.” 


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