Keiretsu Forum SEE Investor Pitch Day Celebrates Success with 1 Million Private Capital committed for Regional Startups


The Keiretsu Forum Southeast Europe Investor Pitch Day, held at the Hotel Plaza Tirana, proved to be a resounding success as a staggering 1 million dollars of private capital was committed to a dedicated fund by the pool of investors to be invested in regional startups. The exclusive event brought together an esteemed gathering of innovative minds and experienced investors, fostering collaboration, discovery, and growth in Southeast Europe's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The invitation-only Investor Pitch Day showcased a diverse range of startups from the region, presenting their groundbreaking ideas and seeking investment opportunities. The event drew the attention of venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity groups who eagerly gathered to witness the potential that Southeast Europe's business landscape holds.

Among the six startups presented at the Investor Pitch Day were:

•WICE - Disrupting the traditional ice cream market with innovative wine ice cream containing actual alcohol.

•BEEZ - Igniting the imagination of a new generation of gamers with modern takes on classic gameplay.

•OPENPAY - Simplifying payments through a low-cost platform integrated as a plugin to mobile banking applications.

•QUINVIO - An AI-powered platform automating tasks for hassle-free, cost-effective video presentations.

•ENTEERA - Improving the health and work-life balance of company staff through Employee Wellbeing services.

•FITKIT - A mobile application that provides access to top gyms, spa centers, trainers, and online programs for workouts and relaxation.

The atmosphere at the Hotel Plaza Tirana was electric as the selected startups took the stage, delivering captivating pitches that demonstrated their vision and determination to shape the future of the region's industries. The event served as a unique platform for these nascent businesses to connect with potential investors, and the response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

"We are thrilled to see such an incredible response from the investor community," said Ravik Mima, Chapter Coordinator of the Keiretsu Forum SEE. "The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the attendees highlight the untapped investment possibilities that lie within Southeast Europe. By investing in these startups, we are not only supporting their growth but also fostering innovation and driving economic development in the region."

The 1 million euros of private capital committed for the dedicated fund during the Investor Pitch Day is a testament to the confidence and belief that investors have in the entrepreneurial talent of Southeast Europe. It signifies a significant milestone in the region's startup ecosystem, reinforcing the fact that Southeast Europe is emerging as a hub for innovation and investment.

The success of the Keiretsu Forum SEE Investor Pitch Day underscores the importance of events like these in fostering collaboration, creating networks, and providing a launchpad for regional startups. The organizers are already planning future editions, aiming to expand the reach and impact of their platform, connecting more promising startups with potential investors.

As Southeast Europe continues to attract attention from the global investment community, it is clear that the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem is entering a new era of growth and opportunity. The success of the Investor Pitch Day serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike to forge ahead and realize the full potential of the region's innovative ideas.

“Together”, said Ardian Hoxha, Presidentit of the Keiretsu Forum SEE “let us celebrate the triumph of the Keiretsu Forum SEE Investor Pitch Day, as it marks a significant milestone in the journey toward transforming Southeast Europe's startup landscape. By investing in the region's brightest minds and boldest ideas, we are shaping a future of innovation, prosperity, and success, one startup at a time”.

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