KODE Labs’ Albanian founder just experienced the joy of securing 8 million dollars in Venture Capital

KodeLabs 8.000.000$ RAISED


KODE Labs, the cloud-based smart building startup has secured $8 million in its latest Venture Capital funding round.

KODE Labs offers an unmatched customer experience, as well as a data-centric and intuitive operating system, driven by ROI. This is an operating system that transforms the way real estate is managed and experienced.

Its smart building operating system, KODE OS, standardizes and optimizes building performance, using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Its investor is I Squared Capital.

We have previously read about the story of Kode Labs in Business Magazine, about two years ago. In 2020 KODE Labs (KODE), the Detroit-based real estate technology company announced that it has been selected by QuadReal Property Group and Stream Realty Partners to provide the smart building operating system for RiverSouth Property, which consists of more than 350,000 square feet of real estate in Austin, Texas.

Etrit Demaj is one of the co-founders of Code Lab. This is how he describes the moment of victory on a Linkedin post: " It all started in a coffee shop in Detroit where our stomachs were buzzing as we started planning and building the most incredible team. Fast forward to today, we have been cash flow positive and growing globally through many different channels.

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Today, we at KODE Labs are extremely proud to announce our Series A investment led by I Squared Capital! We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing team we’ve been able to put together.

Edi Demaj, I and the rest of the team appreciate your trust so far and looking forward to years of growth together with our partners and clients!

KODE is built by dream chasers!"

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