Legit launches its innovative legal platform operating in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia


Legit is an Albanian startup that provides legal solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals by allowing them to adapt and download legal documents, find legal professionals to support them, and also get information on various issues.

Legit is the first platform in Albania that has achieved to digitalize the whole legal process for businesses. 

Kristiana Filip, the founder of Legit announced the launch on her LinkedIn with the below caption: 

“It is a gorgeous sunny Mayday. Part of the shining light is the joy I am radiating for finally launching Legit. I am very happy to announce that we have launched the Legit platform where you can generate legal documents and find lawyers.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratefulness for the people who shared this journey with me…

Previously in an interview with AlbaniaTech, Kristian mentioned that her mission was to make Legit the go-to legal platform for legal services in Albania and Kosovo, and it looks like they are getting nearer with this announcement. 

She later expressed her wish to make the 11th of May Legit Day and also founders day: 

“...we have been trying to come up with a Founders Day when we celebrate entrepreneurship. In a country that celebrates all sorts of things, we seem to be lacking an important celebration of the great individuals, the courageous and visionary value-adders of society who take the risky and challenging path of entrepreneurship. So, let's make the 11th of May Legit Day and Founders Day. A very happy day to all founders - we know you are a special kind with special challenges! We legit celebrate you!”

You can now register and use Legit here!

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