Meet the first 3 speakers of ALLWEB 2023!


The AllWeb 2023 Digital Marketing Conference, which will take place on November 2nd in Tirana, presents its first 3 speakers. They are experts in the field of AI, strategists, speakers, business founders, as well as marketing experts.

Dave Birss: The Sensible AI Guy!

Dave Birss has quickly established himself as the best AI instructor on LinkedIn Learning. His first AI course on the platform has attracted over 100,000 students and receives positive feedback every day. Beyond teaching, Dave advises numerous companies on the practical implementation of AI, including Fortune 500 companies. He will soon launch the "Sensible AI Manifesto" to provide organizations of all sizes with guidance on effectively incorporating generative AI into their activities. In addition to his AI expertise, Dave is a well-known author, speaker, and broadcaster on topics of innovation, creativity, and ideation. He professionally speaks at events worldwide, captivating audiences with his knowledge and humor. Dave is the author of several bestselling books analyzing the creative process, including "How to Get to Great Ideas," "A User Guide To The Creative Mind," "Friction," and "Iconic Advantage." His upcoming book will focus on applied AI.

Diane Wiredu

Diane Wiredu is the founder of Lion Words, a brand message strategy consultancy aiming to make you sound unlike everyone else. She wants to ensure that you have product/message fit and a strategy to keep you from drowning in a "sea of sameness." With over a decade of experience in localization and global communications, Diane is a master at making language work for you – not against you – and uses this to help businesses tell a story that resonates with customers and positions their product as the ideal choice. Diane consults with B2B technology companies worldwide and is known for her client-focused approach to messaging. She regularly shares her knowledge on podcasts and stages and has spoken at CopyCon, The Copywriter Club, The Marketing Meetup, and Wynter Games. When she's not crafting message strategy or writing high-converting copy, you might find her with a dumbbell or a glass of Merlot in hand (hopefully not at the same time).

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Andi Jarvis

Andi Jarvis is the founder of Eximo Marketing, father to Kiera, and a BBQ enthusiast. Andi established Eximo Marketing in the summer of 2017 to help companies find more customers by creating effective marketing strategies, fixing underperforming campaign parts, and providing training to educate and engage their teams. Having a repeatable framework for marketing activity is the best way to ensure that every success can be repeated and every failure can be reviewed and improved. Yes, it's true; even the best marketing campaigns sometimes fail. But if the data is reviewed and lessons are drawn, then nothing is lost. A sought-after speaker at international conferences, Andi has shared his views on marketing with audiences in the UK, Europe, and North America. He is highly regarded for topics such as marketing strategy, marketing planning, launching a direct-to-consumer offer, and buyer behavior, and he spoke at ALLWEB22.

For those unfamiliar with it, ALLWEB is held within a single day, from 09:00 to 18:00. It brings together renowned international speakers from around the world and the region. The presentations are dynamic, fast-paced, cover a wide range of topics, and include panels discussing current digital communications and innovative solutions for the future. Since 2012, more than 200 presenters from international companies such as Google, The Coca-Cola Company, TechCrunch, T-Mobile, McDonald's, The Drum, Raiffeisen Bank, Microsoft, Escape Studio, Agna Group, Manifest Social, Vodafone, Executive, GroupPRPepper, Publicis, Rinkya, Grouper, 404 Agency, McCann Erickson, Httpool, Cedevita, NewMoment, PressClipping, Scholz and Friends, Mobius, Inteligencr, TopShop (Studio Moderna),, and more have participated. 

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