Native Teams Raises €6.275 Million in New Investment to Fuel Expansion


Native Teams, the work payments platform for freelancers, remote workers, and business owners, has successfully raised a further round of investment totalling €6.275 million to power its ambitious plans of becoming the go-to platform for work payments.

In this significant investment round, Native Teams received support from existing investors Eleven Ventures and Fil Rouge Capital and new investors Management Financial Group (MFG), Begin Capital, plus others. The new investment serves as a recognition of Native Teams’ continuous dedication to enhancing their financial services platform for better product performance in their key markets, as well as the further expansion of the business into Asia.

Native Teams specialises in providing work payment solutions, helping individuals and businesses streamline global remuneration within a centralised platform. Founded in 2020, the company has quickly expanded to over 65 countries with a global team of more than 200 employees across their target markets. 

While the wider EOR (Employer of Record) sector has become more established over the last few years, Native Teams sits in a unique space between traditional EOR providers on the one hand and more generalist payment platforms on the other. This enables a highly flexible, transparent and “employee-first” approach, dedicated to work payments.

“We are delighted to announce the closing of this pre-Series A investment round. It’s a testament to the progress our team have made over the last year as we bring Native Teams’ simplicity and transparency to power work payments of so many more users around the world.

We are lucky to have some exceptional, like-minded investors join us on our journey to advance and update remuneration for the new world of work.”—Alex Mitrevska, Chief Evangelist and Co-founder of Native Teams.

Begin Capital is a London-based VC fund focused on Seed- and Series-A investments for companies working in the European market. With a keen understanding of Native Teams’ innovative approach, Begin Capital has shown confidence in the company’s ambition to revolutionise the way freelancers, remote workers, and global businesses operate in the world of remote work.

“We are super excited to join forces with Native Teams. We share their vision of a next-gen global workforce management platform – a platform with an employee-centric DNA. With functionality that goes far beyond basic employer of record services, bringing enterprise-level employment experience to every remote employee” – Ruslan Sarkisyan, Partner, Begin Capital.

Management Financial Group (MFG) is a holding company that unites leading providers of non-bank financial services in Central and Eastern Europe. By investing in Native Teams, MFG aims to enhance the innovative platform’s global presence and position it as one of the key players in the global payments and EOR sector.

“Imagine that you want to work for a US company from Hungary as a developer. Or that you want to hire five Australian designers for your Norwegian company. Even in the era of globalisation, internet access and even AI, bureaucracy is still slowing down potential. Native Teams helps people break artificial boundaries while staying compliant. It does the heavy administrative lifting and lets you focus on what matters – your actual work. We strongly believe in people’s potential, and this is why we decided to invest in Native Teams.” – Simeon Iliev, MFG Invest.

Since its founding four years ago, Native Teams has demonstrated strong growth indicators. The platform currently has tens of thousands of users worldwide. Looking ahead, the company plans to continue to introduce further advancements and innovations in the work payments space both in existing and new markets.

The new investment will help the enhancement and expansion of their offering outside the European region, with a strategic focus on the US, India, and the wider Asian region. This expansion will empower more individuals and small and medium-sized business owners with simplified work payments and other solutions focused on employment options and tax compliance.

The market opportunity ahead of us is probably the biggest sector imaginable: redefining payments for work. This funding round lets our capital-efficient business take the next important steps as we serve ever-broader market segments, to a greater extent, and in a growing number of countries.” – Jack Thorogood, CEO & Founder of Native Teams.

As the demand for flexible remote work solutions continues to grow, Native Teams is well placed to become a leader in shaping the future of modern work payments.


Spokesperson for the company

Kristina Mitrevska

[email protected]

About Native Teams:

Native Teams is an all-in-one platform offering global work payment solutions for freelancers, remote workers, and global employers. The platform combines comprehensive solutions to help individuals and businesses successfully manage multiple aspects of working remotely.  These include tools and features for managing global work payments and providing local employment status in 65+ countries.

The business was founded in May 2020 and is headquartered in North Macedonia.

About Begin Capital:

Begin Capital is a venture capital firm with a creative market approach to building cool stories. Each investment is a new episode, with the founders as actors and the investment managers as casting directors.

With a core focus on the European market, Begin Capital helps founders, entrepreneurs, and companies with Seed and Series A rounds. Their “Second Season” of investments is mostly focused on DeepTech, AI, and SaaS companies, with both technology backend and proven industry applications created by people who aim to make a revolution.

About Management Financial Group:

Management Financial Group is a group of companies that unite leading providers of non-bank financial services in Europe. Their goal is to provide easy access to finances for European companies and allow them to pursue opportunities to create solutions that benefit people.

With more than 8,300 employees in over 450 offices worldwide, MFG manages a rich portfolio of successful business models in consumer loans, loans for micro and small businesses, credit cards, digital businesses, and other alternative financial products and services.

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