Nevila Dudaj, Albanian entrepreneur, ambassador of Albanian tourism in the American market

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Adriatik Tours LLC “Albania, ever since it was first presented in New York, at the fair of“ New York Travel Show”, it was visited by 148 American tourists, which has grown since, in the recent years more than 3 thousand visitors from the US visited Albania for vacation. 

The New York Times Travel 2020 is probably the largest fair in the world, as the last year alone, according to official data, it has managed to gather 745 travel agencies from 170 countries.

Among 745 world elite tourism agencies, for the third time in a row, participates a leading Albanian company of the tourism industry from Durrës, named "Adriatik Tours LLC". 

The success of this fair is measured all over the world with the tourism statistics of each participating country - the pub listed them in the New York Times, but according to their countries also various blogs and brochures from around the world, gave their own statistics.

Flora Xhemani Baba, Executive Director of Travel Magazine - writes in her status for the "New York Times Travel Show" the following: "For the third year in a row Albania is presented in New York, with the only Albanian tour operator Adriatik Tours, meanwhile, the interest of Americans to visit Albania and the Balkan region has increased significantly. Since 2017, Adriatic Tours has brought more than three thousand five-star American tourists to Albania.” 

So, the numbers speak clearly of the results that Albania has received, with the travel agency “Adriatik Tours LLC”, taking as an example the increased number of tourists from the United States who visited Albania in the last three years. 

The merit and success of Albania in the New York Travel Show, are clearly present, with the agency Adriatik Tours LLC. It increased the interest of American visitors to visit Albania and the Balkan region significantly. For the New York Travel Show fair and the Adriatik Tours LLC travel agency, the New York-based newspaper “Bota”, spoke with Adriatic Tours manager Nevila Dudaj.

You are participating in this international tourism fair, "New York Travel Show" for the third time in a row. Can you tell us some details about Adriatik Tours LLC - and your participation in this fair?

Adriatik Tours is an agency created in America in 2017, which is working to promote various packages to visit Albania. Mainly the Adriatik Tours LLC agency was built as an office that sells tourist packages for Adriatik Hotel. The 5-star luxury hotel is located in Durrës, on the Adriatic coast (on the sandy beach only 50 meters away from the sea). There is also the Adriatic Tours agency that operates inside the Adriatic Hotel and serves customers. Meanwhile, from the agency in Connecticut - West Hartford, we recommend to American tourists and also from all over the world to go visit Albania. 

More precisely how do you operate?

We prepare different tours and this is our third year in our participation in New York Travel Show, where we are promoting some very special packages, dedicated to the Albanian community here in America. These packages are realized through our cooperation with the "Ivanaj Foundation" in Albania, and in New York. Of course, this is done to promote the Albanian language, culture, to Albanian-American students, who want to learn more about Albania and explore Albania more. These are special packages that are sold at any time, by contacting the Adriatic Travel LLC agency.

What is shown in the tours organized by Adriatik Travel LLC?

We happily tell Americans and Albanian-Americans what Albania offers, as Albanian tourist packages are currently the best in the market. I would say Albania is a destination worth visiting in any season. I speak with great assurance when I talk about the icon of Albanian tourism Hotel Adriatik in Durrës, as a Resort with high standards that offers all kinds of quality service, food, comfort, safety, and tours that we organize there, throughout Albania, but also in the region and beyond, with Adriatik Tours Travel, having at our disposal our cars, our drivers, and our tour guides. I am using this opportunity to invite you to visit us and get more information about Adriatik Tours LLC through our websites and

The tourism industry all over the planet has an expression that says "Tourists can make a difference". Has Albanian tourism managed to make a difference?

In a country like Albania, which has all the resources and the four seasons, one more beautiful than the other, "gifted" from nature, I believe so. This was affirmed by many tourists, especially those Americans who have come to Albania and can hardly wait to come again. Some of those who were asked at this fair said that they have visited Albania, through Adriatik Tours LLC and were extremely satisfied with Albania! I must emphasize that our product is different from the others. At least that is what we think, as we have noticed that our tourists are satisfied with the fact that Albania is unexplored and not a tourist place conceived as a tourist place, which is very crowded and there is no space to visit. Meanwhile, other neighboring countries, which are distinguished for tourism such as Croatia, and Greece are considered as such. Albania has a significant variety of climate, food, geographical areas from north to south - an optimal time without much expense, while tourism offers many good alternatives for American tourists, who after visiting also show that they like and want to come back to Albania.

One of the latest statistics related to the visits of the last three years (2017-2020) of American tourists, is about 148 Americans 3 years ago and nearly 3000 in the last year. Can we say that your presence at the New York Travel Show tourism fair has had its own impact?

This is an interesting question because we have provided those statistics ourselves. These are the numbers of our businesses, the number of American or American-Albanian tourists who have come to Albania since the opening of our agency. These are our personal statistics (via Adriatik Tours LLC) which count 148 people who have come to the Adriatic Hotel since the beginning of our promotion and the addition of these three numbers for these last three years and onwards with nearly 3000 American tourists. These are simple statistics of our business not related to Albania, that we are fully responsible, as we measure them ourselves. This shows that there is interest, if we have the opportunity to bring so many - imagine what we could do together, promoting Albania through tourism. 

I believe you are the only and the first agency from Albania operating here in the United States of America in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Yes, we are located in West Hartford, Connecticut, and operate as a full-service agency. We are an American agency licensed here in America, but we sell travel packages exclusively and in especially packages related to Albania. We are located in two countries, (Durrës - Albania and West Hartford -USA). So, one of our agencies is here in America, which operates as an American agency and the other agency is located inside the Adriatic Hotel and operates as an agency in Albania, which welcomes visitors there.

If you had a message to convey based on the New York Travel Show 2020 what would it be?

If I had a message to convey to the Albanian-American community and visitors here in America, it would be: I'm very proud and I feel very good when I see that your children speak Albanian and are proud to be Albanian. They want to show that they are Albanians. I have encountered many of them, I have talked to many of them and it is a very nice feeling. I would encourage them more to visit Albania, to visit the birthplace of their parents. 

If you decide to spend your vacation somewhere, choose to spend your vacation in Albania. Help Albania by spending the holidays and making all members of your family proud. 

You can do this very well now with our program "Find Your Roots". The program promotes trips of Albanian students to Albania for 15 nights or 16 days in cooperation with the "Ivanaj Foundation" in New York, which is also located in Tirana. 

This is my message - Love Albania more and visit it more.

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