North Macedonia’s organization “Brainster” is coming to Albania

Brainster Albania


EdTech Brainster, a Macedonian organization that has helped more than 11,000 people take a big step towards a career change through their innovative educational programs in the last 7 years, is now coming to Albania.

Brainster states that it will initially offer registrations at the Front-End Programming Academy, as studies have shown that this is precisely the type of staff that is missing in the job market in Albania. For a long time in the future, the goal is to offer academies that are current in the job market, in fields where trained IT personnel are most in demand.

In addition, Brainster is the best educational center in Macedonia, according to student evaluations, and last year it registered a record number of students - 1350, officially entering formal education with the opening of Brainster Next College, the first practical IT faculty in Macedonia. Now, these students are collaborating with more than 100 industry partners who offer real projects, internships, and employment opportunities for students.

"We are proud that last year our educational programs and instructors received the highest evaluations in our history, students completed more real projects, and we also held the largest hackathon with over 120 participants," states Brainster.

This is only part of Brainster's success story that began seven years ago, led by a visionary and noble mission to offer a completely different approach to non-formal education. Brainster is also known for investing 2.5 million euros in future students with the opening of the faculty, offering the financial opportunity "Study now, pay after employment."

Brainster officially continues the success story with the opening of offices in Albania, building the vision for global digital transformation, with the same passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to creating new opportunities for a better future for young people in Albania.

Expansion into the neighborhood, as the Brainster team says, is a logical step, following the demands of the market and the desire for a proven successful model to be integrated in Albania, using qualified staff, a team prepared with 7 years of experience. All those who are looking for retraining or quality training should be given the opportunity to learn with high quality, through verified practical approaches and industrial networking.

"By laying our foundations in Albania, we are ready to use all of our resources with the highest quality and a controlled system to change the perception of young people, their future, and their opportunities. The model will be identical to that of recent years. Through quality practical education, we have helped over 11,000 students to make a career change or find better-paying jobs. With the same energy and enthusiasm, we will achieve the same here," says Petar Ninovski, founder of Brainster.

Brainster Albania, through local employment and experts in various fields, but also with the help of the general central staff and experience, will work from now on dedicated to offering Albanian students and professionals the necessary skills to succeed in the technology industry.

You can find more information about Brainster HERE.

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