Open Call for startups at the Smart Cities Program

Smart cities


What is missing in our city?

Have you thought about a practical solution that could facilitate many of our daily processes? Need help developing and testing it?

Smart Cities Program has selected the best experts to help you improve our cities! The Smart Cities Program aims to facilitate the development of local youth entrepreneurship, the improvement of the entrepreneurial environment as well as the strengthening of the collaborative network among young entrepreneurs. The main target group includes exactly Albanian youth over 16 years of age who are interested in engaging in a program that address the problems of the communities and cities where we live, including socio-economic, environmental problems, etc. The targeted youth must also have the desire and willingness to learn programming languages, which they can use to develop 'smart' solutions with applications and other digital instruments.

Implemented by @destilcreativehub, with the support of the Minister of State for Enterprise Protection @edonabilali

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