Pamela Medha, Finalist in Women Startup Competition with a company based in Kuwait


VALA is an enterprise led by Pamela Medha, a finalist in the Women Startup Competition 2024. Currently, the company has developed in Kuwait, and Pamela is working hard to expand it in Albania and other European countries. The company focuses on vegan cosmetic products and moisturizing creams aimed at achieving a glow and hydration for the skin. The founder of VALA not only cares about hygiene and self-care and beauty but also places special emphasis on environmental care. We conducted an interview with Pamela after her presentation at the Women Startup Competition in Albania.

When did you decide to found your startup, and what motivates you in this endeavor?

The idea for the startup began during the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2021. Living in a very hot and health-threatening area, I noticed there was little attention to sun protection and skin hydration. Utilizing the contacts I had in South Korea, known for their quality and reasonable prices, I decided to bring something of quality and reasonably priced to the market.

What is the mission and vision of your company?

Our mission at VALA is simple: to value beauty and health. Through high-quality cosmetics and personal care products, we aim to enhance your natural glow. At VALA, our vision is to supply our clientele with high-quality cosmetics. We are committed to innovation and excellence. VALA supports vegan products that are environmentally and ocean-friendly.

What are the main challenges you have faced in your beginnings, and how are you addressing them?

Challenges are part of business, and in our beginnings, they were numerous. At VALA, every challenge is seen as an opportunity for development, so they don’t bother us; on the contrary, we handle them with great enthusiasm. One of the challenging aspects was the business registration process and the legal side of the company, as well as the import procedures for the goods.

What is the current phase of your startup, and what are you currently doing? What have been the key steps in this journey?

We are in the expansion phase and have been operating for about 3.5 years. We have completed 2 years since our first sale and have multiplied our brands and annual sales. Additionally, we have increased our customer base and sales channels by collaborating with well-known retailers in the Middle East and Europe. We have started exporting and aim to expand beyond Kuwait. We are not yet certain about the next country for expansion, but we are very enthusiastic about this step.

What are the values and beliefs that guide you in entrepreneurship?

Throughout my journey, I have realized that determination, will, and the desire to move forward are fundamental to personal and professional success and prosperity. At VALA, I have tried to instill these same values, and I believe I have succeeded. We believe in professionalism, integrity, and business ethics. We think these attributes are fundamental for VALA and its employees. We are happy that these and many other qualities form the foundation of our company.

What solutions do you offer in the market for your customers?

We offer quality access for all social strata and lifestyles. Self-care should not be a privilege only for those with high economic means. With Korean Beauty, we strive to raise awareness among people with fewer resources to be careful and feel good about their skin. Skin is the primary part that needs special care because self-esteem is the basis for mental health and feeling good about oneself. We are proud to have the opportunity to provide quality, innovation, and high technology at a very reasonable price for all social strata.

How is technological and market change impacting your business?

Technology is a very strong ally in our business. We try to conduct almost all business processes through technology, such as online purchasing, local or global product distribution with DHL/FEDEX, and 3PL Fulfillment Technology for inventory and distribution, online communication and meetings, using AI and various applications for media, etc. We are very happy to exist in such an era and hope to develop further with technology.

What are your plans for future growth and the strategies to achieve them?

We plan to expand to a second country besides Kuwait. We are not yet sure where and how. For the moment, we have no barriers in the international space regarding international sales through our online store However, as distributors, we would like to expand. This is driven by the high demand we have had. One of the strategies we use is partnerships and creating infrastructure in the country where we want to expand. This comes from the network, facilities of the respective country, etc. Everything depends on the circumstances and opportunities at the moment. At VALA, we try to seize the best opportunity for the time and believe in collaboration, not competition.

What makes you happiest in the business you have started?

One of the primary things is the constant demand from our clients and partners for our products. This is one of the main reasons we are in the market. The market ultimately chooses and directs us. We are very happy that our sales have multiplied every year, and we hope to continue at this pace. Another reason for happiness is the numerous collaborations with joint ventures or brand exclusivities and strong market sellers who trust us and are expanding day by day. We have many other reasons to be happy in our work, but these are the ones I would highlight.

What do you aim to achieve in the next 3 years?

We aim to expand to new countries, further activate online sales, improve infrastructure and logistics, and have as many new firms under our exclusive distribution. We would also like to have new business lines, as I am very passionate about “Business Development” and specialized in this aspect of work. We would like to achieve our sales target according to the plan made at the beginning of each year and hope the projection for the next 3 years will be according to expectations or even beyond.

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