RCC’s EU-funded WBYL launched Youth Policy Lab on Green Agenda


Regional Cooperation Council’s (RCC) Western Balkans Youth Lab (WBYL) launched Youth Policy Lab on Green Agenda. Upon the successful first two Youth Policy Labs on Youth Unemployment and Mental Health, Green Agenda is chosen to be a priority topic young people of the Western Balkans want to create policies for which are to bring change.

“To say that no one is left behind in the transition means to engage with any segment of society and ensure their stances, voices and needs are heard when decisions affecting them are taken. This is also valid for young people, as they stand on the frontlines, experiencing the harsh realities of climate change first-hand, yet their voices are often the last to be heard. Let us not forget that they are not responsible for the most devastating practices, but it is they who pay the highest price. That is why Youth Policy Lab should be a place where ideas flourish, constructive criticism sparks innovation and decisive steps are taken towards a more eco and youth-friendly region,” said Ognjen Markovic, RCC’s WB Youth Lab Team Leader while opening Kick-Off Conference on Youth Policy Lab on Green Agenda.

This consultative process based on the example of the European Youth Dialogue facilitates communication between young people and decision-makers to implement youth policy priorities and amplify youth voices in policy-making. This initiative marks a significant milestone in youth regional cooperation, highlighting the shared commitment to combating climate change and promoting environmental sustainability. By prioritising the green agenda, these young leaders are paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable Western Balkans and are bringing the region closer to the ambitious European Green Deal aiming to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050.

“The well-being of young people is a cornerstone of EU policy-making. Through initiatives like the Youth Policy Labs, we bring these practices to the Western Balkans, creating an environment where youth voices and ideas can flourish. In this EU-funded project. By prioritising environmental concerns, they align with broader European goals, fostering a sustainable future for all,” said Gianluca Vannini, Head of Section for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-Border Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Let us stand unite in breaking barriers and creating a world that thrives on sustainability and inclusion. Never underestimate the power you have, it’s up to us, young people to engage and look for a change we want to see in the region”, said Anastasija Đorđa Bosančić, Young European Ambassador, Human Rights Advocate and Environmentalist.

During the three-day Conference, youth and policymakers co-created regional recommendations on the topics of Green Agenda Advocacy, Preventing Plastic Pollution and Circular Economy. These are to be a base Working Groups, one from each Western Balkan’s economy, will be working on to come up with the solutions during a one-year process.

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