Regional Open Data Challenge 2024 (RODC 2024)


Join a unique initiative that recognises, awards and promotes the innovative reuse of open data for a greener, more inclusive, and digital future!

Regional Open Data Challenge 2024 (RODC 2024) is a joint initiative of ReSPA and the United Nations Development Programme Serbia (UNDP Serbia) that promotes and recognises efforts in public administration in publishing open data and promoting the use of open data.

RODC 2024 aims to recognise, award, and promote the innovative reuse of open data across ReSPA Members – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia – for greater transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and effectiveness in service delivery and design. The ultimate goal is to encourage collaboration between the government, CSOs, academia, and the private sector in delivering data-driven innovation that improves public services, empowers citizens or boosts economic activities.  

RODC 2024 Methodology

RODC 2024 Factsheet

Calling all innovators to develop groundbreaking mobile or web applications – whether it is a solution or just a brilliant idea – harnessing the power of open datasets published by public sector bodies across ReSPA Members: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, and win valuable awards!

The call is open by 3 May 2024, and it targets individuals, civil society organizations, companies, and academia in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

In developing solutions or suggesting ideas, participants must use at least one set of open data from the open data portals[1] of ReSPA Members’ administrations. The additional data in the reusable format (example: excel sheets) can be used from any other publicly available dataset(s): i.e. data from statistical offices, other public administration institutions, and that refer to the Members.

Solutions must be developed under an open licence (GPL, Creative Commons or similar), publicly available and currently or potentially replicable in other environments (s), i.e. local, entity or state level. 

Throughout the challenge, while developing ideas, participants will have mentorship, access to various data sources, and the opportunity to present the solutions to credible assessors for review and examination.

A prize pool of 20,000 USD awaits the brightest minds ready to use open data, innovate and inspire.

NOTE: Following the Info Session on 26th March, the above sentence from the call has been updated:

The condition for participation is that at least one set of open data from open data portals of ReSPA Members administrations is used, or one set of open data from website of any public administration institution of ReSPA Members administrations (in case where that dataset is not available on the national open data portal).

1.Open data portals in the ReSPA administrations are on the following links:

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