Startups with founders from Kosovo, that are aiming at the unicorn title


We should not be surprised by the great potential that Albanians have to create and develop successful startups, which are known and offer their services and products anywhere in the world. Even many investment firms have seen this potential and have not let it slip, which without hesitation have believed and invested in these startups.

This list of startups and the respective founders has been published on the Facebook page of, Mr. Alejtin Berisha, a serial entrepreneur from Kosovo, the founder of Finnish schools International Online International.

Startups founded by Albanians, mainly Kosovo, who are expected to become unicorns within 2-3 years:

1. Fresha, founded by Labinot Zeqiri, has received a $152 million investment in Series C with an estimated $640 million. The first Albanian Unicorn, within this year.

2. Slice, founded by Ilir Sela, has received $100 million in total investment and has a team of over 650 employees (mostly Albanians) in Northern Macedonia.

3. ArchiPro, founded by Milot Zeqiri, has received a $35 million investment in Series A from #TigerGlobalManagement, one of the most important investment firms in the world (it has also invested in Facebook, Spotify, Alibaba, Stripe, Quora, etc.).

4 . Tive, founded by Krenar Komoni, has received a $54 million investment in Series B. It has an office with over 80 employees in Prishtina.

5. ButlerHospitality, founded by Premtim Gjonbalic, has received a $55 million investment in Series A and B. It has an office with over 70 employees in Prishtina.

6. HELLOSolaborate, founded by Labinot Bytyqi, has raised over $12 million in investments while the Hello Healthcare device is located in over 10,000 patient rooms worldwide in partnership with the giants of the healthcare industry. It has an office in Prishtina with over 100 employees.

7. Twig, founded by Geri Cupi, has received a $35 million investment in Serie A. It has an office with about 30 employees in Prishtina.

8. Radix, founded by Blerim Zeqiri, although they have not received any investment, the startup has very fast growth and employs over 60 people in Prishtina alone.

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