Swiss media ranks Saranda as the number one holiday destination for September



The well-known Swiss media, "20 Minutes", has listed Saranda as the first favorite destination, among the 5 listed, to spend the holidays in September. In the article entitled "5 destinations where you can enjoy the sea in September", Saranda was described as the ideal place to spend your holidays. "Saranda is a port city in the south of Albania, near the border with Greece. Taking the road that leads to Ksamil, a charming village on a peninsula, you can see Corfu from afar. The place is part of Butrint National Park. Even further south, you may visit (access by boat) two small islands: Stilitin and Tongo", writes the Swiss magazine.

Prime Minister Edi Rama shared the article on Facebook, where he writes that touristic Albania continues to echo in foreign media "Tourist Albania continues to echo in foreign media. '20 Minutes', a very popular Swiss media, in a recent article suggested to its readers to spend their September holidays in Albania. Albania is listed in the article as the first favorite destination, alongside Istanbul, Hieres in France, Algraves in Portugal and Calabria in Italy", writes Rama.

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