TOP 100 Innovative Companies From CEE Startup Challenge – Kosovo’s startup Erudera is part of the listing

Vestbee CEE startups


CEE Startup Challenge by our partner Vestbee gathered a lot of high-level startup solutions that have been appreciated in the biggest online competition dedicated to regional startups and scaleups from Central and Eastern Europe raising seed, pre-series A, series A and beyond in crucial verticals. Erudera, Kosovo-based startup platform is also part of the ranking! Here is the overview of the top 100 promising companies that are worth your attention:

  • InStreamly - the winner of the 7th edition of CEE Startup Challenge, is a Polish automated management platform for streamers aiming to help them grow by taking advantage of disruptive technology. It leads to an increase in the level of the playing field for players, brands and streaming platforms.
  • ResQuant – silver medalist in CEE Startup Challenge is a deep-tech, cybersecurity company operating on the border of science and business. What distinguishes them is the cryptographic agility that enables a wide range of applications.
  • Vocal Image - Estonia-based company, which took 3rd place on the podium, is a speech training and voice therapy app for speakers, singers, or salesmen. Vocal image builds solutions for wellbeing, accent reduction, self-perception and solves any voice problem. By using this app, people can improve their voice and practice anytime, anywhere and at a good price.
  • Efectio - is a platform that mixes technology and educational tasks to shape positive work culture and help companies motivate employees. Its aim is to offer an innovative employee engagement tool based on science and data, promote individual engagement in the organisation and motivate employees to learn important information about their company.
  • TransactionLink – startup staying on top of the highest regulatory and security standards. What is more, they transform how FinTech operates in a smooth and easy way by bringing together engineers, designers, lawyers, analysts, and managers from all around Europe and uniting them around the vision.
  • Localazy – is the app that helps developers, teams & businesses to automate the localization process entirely. The huge advantage of this tool is that it automatically translates texts, including new and updated ones.
  • Postis – a platform where IT meets logistics, retail and transportation by empowering the distribution and delivery through open platforms, systems integration, machine learning, data-driven decisions and process automation. Moreover, it is helpful in a process of productivity growth, streamlined operations, cost optimizations, business model transformation, up-scaling and much more.
  • Overly -  is a promising platform that empowers its users to create their own augmented reality content in a few simple steps. It also adds a dimension to traditional media and is an added value starting with personal use, through education, all the way to business events and marketing campaigns.
  • Epidemic - is a startup from Slovenia which enables creators to collaborate with brands matching their interests and beliefs. This marketing solution uses the proprietary AI algorithm, which helps to identify local, niche, creative opinion leaders and select the best people to promote a brand to the target audience. The community consists of 56 thousand influencers, more than 400 brands and also over 800 campaigns.
  • SolarAide - is a platform which helps households to understand how solar energy affects their electricity bills. At the same time, it facilitates energy usage data exchange and connects solar owners to digital networks.
  • 4Semantics – Polish startup whose mission is to develop document understanding technologies which are used to build the SensID product line - solutions that automate complex tasks that require intelligence.
  • 4Trans Factoring – is a Czech Republic based company providing the fastest financing solution in the market to underserved businesses in logistics. As the leader in inclusive SME finance in CEE, 4Trans empowers the potential of small businesses and allows their owners to focus on leading a growing business.
  • Acounto – Estonian startup that aims to automate accounting, payroll and reporting so that entrepreneurs can focus on doing business, not paperwork.
  • - an advanced visual chatbot platform that focuses on the conversational design and is based on the concept of "LEGO for Chatbots". The startup's mission is to put the conversational power of artificial intelligence into the hands of customer service leaders around the world to help solve daily tasks and improve procedures.
  • AIScreen Digital Signage Platform – Polish startup focused on letting entrepreneurs easily set up a screen network, create or connect important information to screens, and easily amplify what matters to the audience.
  • Artificial Intelligence Expert – startup from Romania which uses an approach based on an informative class of molecular alterations (microRNA), Data Science, Intelligent Automation, and Artificial Intelligence to make non-invasive, highly accurate multi-cancer diagnosis and early detection a routine. It dramatically increases the survival rate and decreases treatment costs.
  • benme – Lithuania-based platform helping employers to bring all benefits for employees in one easy-to-use place. It also provides a self-service marketplace.
  • Bitskout - Estonian startup awarded by UNESCO that allows teams to double their productivity and engagement at work by making their tools smarter. With the help of a simple UI, any user regardless of expertise can set up a smart plugin powered by no-code & no-training needed AI and add it to their tools of choice in minutes.
  • Bright Spaces - end-to-end digital leasing solution for commercial real estate worldwide from Romania. They enhance the showcasing, inventory & lead management, reporting, and communication between landlords, brokers, and tenants.
  • Carbominer – Ukrainian startup developing new CO₂ direct air capture technology to help greenhouse growers switch to sustainable CO₂.
  • CloudCart – Bulgaria-based company whose goal is to become the world’s easiest, time- & money-saving eCommerce software that automates and optimises stores, ad campaigns, and clients' requests with the help of AI technology.
  • CopyMonkey – Latvian startup focused on AI content generation for eCommerce.Their distinguishing feature is using a combination of proprietary models and fine-tuned GPT-3 to generate content.
  • Cryptiony R&D – is a Polish assets tax automation software providing B2C SaaS for the Polish market which simplifies digital assets tax calculation and allows monitoring of tax liabilities in real-time.
  • – is the first-ever UX & Analytics Automation tool detecting behavioural patterns within digital products that predicts which users' behaviours may inhibit conversion from Poland.
  • Dashfactory GmbH – Germany startup focusing on innovation for smart cities and on individual mobility, mostly on digitising cycling traffic for improving infrastructure with our products DASHBIKE and DASHTRACK.
  • – Polish company which helps businesses understand where their customers are in the offline world, whether it’s about mapping customers’ journey, defining the location for a new store, driving offline-online communication or identifying points of sale with the highest sales potential.
  • DigitalFirst.AI – next startup from Poland whose aim is to find the best growth-hacking tactics for businesses with AI using a marketing platform.
  • DioMEDe Sciences – Polish/American startup creating early stage biological therapies for clinical development up 6x faster and up to 250x cheaper with complete transparency. They use a proprietary Deep-Tech platform to design drugs in the computer where it is safe, fast and cheap.
  • Dronehub – Poland-based startup bringing automation into the drone industry by creating all-weather drone hubs for continuous drone operations as the autonomous game-changer for inspection and monitoring.
  • DSERVE – Lithuanian company whose vision is a world without cashiers. That’s why they aim to implement the ultimate self-checkout for convenience stores.
  • Elevate Global – Macedonian startup focusing on an autonomous energy forecasting solution, that helps companies to improve the short-term planning and optimization of their energy resources and to reduce their energy waste.
  • Erudera – Kosovo-based startup which provides study program recommendations backed by artificial intelligence and matches students with the right universities.

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