Tour Amical of retro cars is coming to Tirana


The grand tour of classic vehicles from Belgium is coming to Tirana on the dates 13-16 May. Retro Albania announces that 265 classic cars are expected to arrive starting from May 13 at "Italia" Square, turning it into one of the main gathering spots for enthusiasts and nostalgic lovers of "soulful vehicles".

 With the philosophy of experiencing an unforgettable journey behind the wheel of a car in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, Tour Amical is organizing its 19th edition with the destinations of Sofia - Pristina - Skopje - Tirana - Budva - Dubrovnik. 

The 19th edition of Tour Amical will uncover the undiscovered gems of the Balkans. They express that the marvelous roads through Bulgaria, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia connect historical cities as well as new destinations. The Balkan countries offer a wide range of diverse landscapes and spectacular roads. These places showcase a rich past and events but are also growing in tourism. 

Tour Amical considers Tirana as a city as charming as Berlin, with ruins and captivating stories as mesmerizing as Rome, cafés and bars as cozy as Amsterdam, and prices even more favorable than Krakow. For them, Tirana is a jackpot! They also express that Albania is a developing country, which is noticeable in Tirana, giving us an idea of what awaits us further in Albania. It is a rich blend of culture and modernization with a pleasant atmosphere. Retro Albania invites all retro enthusiasts to enjoy the collection of classic vehicles from Tour Amical and exchange shared experiences as a community. For more information, please contact the Public Relations Director, Ms. Denisa Brahimllari, at +355 694645057.

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